About U.S. Manufacturing Initiative

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Strengthening our commitment to American jobs and communities.

We’re committing an additional $350 billion to products made, grown or assembled in America, supporting over 750,000 U.S. jobs.1

Based upon information from our suppliers, nearly two-thirds of Walmart’s annual product spend is made, grown, or assembled in the U.S.2 This initiative supports new and existing jobs, helps small businesses and entrepreneurs, and bolsters communities.

Learn more about how Walmart is Investing in the Future of U.S. Manufacturing, Our Commitment to American Jobs.

Job Creation

The impact of this $350-billion, 10-year commitment goes beyond the additional spend on items that are made, grown, or assembled in the United States. Over the next decade, this major investment has the potential to support more than 750,000 new American jobs.

Every Day Low Cost

Purchasing products closer to the point of consumption enables procurement of the best price, highest quality products and the most reliable sourcing of goods. This effort allows Walmart to respond to the customer faster, respond to seasonal demands and mitigates risks such as currency, volatility in port delays and delivers on our sustainability goals. Sourcing U.S. goods can improve in-stock rates and sales. It's core to our strategy of lowering costs via our scale.

Walmart's Role

By investing in products that support American jobs, we can help bring new jobs to our communities, support workforce development, and enhance sustainability. In turn, we strengthen our business by:

  • Assuring supply
  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Spurring innovation
  • Developing small and diverse suppliers.3

Customer Focused

We know that U.S. manufacturing matters a lot to our shoppers. More than 85% of our customers have said it is important for retailers to carry products made or assembled in America.4 With this new goal, not only is Walmart strengthening its commitment to American jobs and communities, we are providing more value to our customers and improving the way we do business.

  • Sourcing locally is good for our business in all our retail markets. When we source domestically, we have shorter lead times and deliver fresher products to our customers. Local suppliers know customer preferences. It makes sense for our customers, our communities, and our company.

More information is also available on the Walmart corporate website.

Please review this information. If you still have further questions, please email USAjobs@walmart.com.

1 Per Boston Consulting Group using data from the Economic Policy Institute and Bureau of Labor statistics.
2 According to a survey done by Walmart’s Global Customer Insights & Analytics (GCIA) team in FY18 and confirmed in an April 2019 survey.
3 Confirmed annually via purchases number.
4 Source: Made in USA Goals FY31 GMM Goals 01282021; FY 2020 SPiNE data; BCG Analysis