Supplier Requirements

Supplier of Weathered Souls Brewing Company

Standards and General Requirements

Walmart’s Standards for Suppliers set expectations for suppliers of Walmart Inc. and suppliers of Walmart-controlled subsidiaries globally. Suppliers include anyone that provides products to Walmart, including goods for resale and for Walmart’s own use.

Walmart.com Prohibited Items

Products that are prohibited from being sold on walmart.com include, but are not limited to:

  • Offensive products (explicit, obscene, derogatory, etc.)
  • Restricted products (adult-oriented, gambling, government-issued, military/police related, etc.)

Federal Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

Walmart Inc. requires this number on all U.S.-based suppliers’ application documents; non-U.S. suppliers must provide a current W-8 tax certificate as a part of the vendor setup process.

Dun & Bradstreet Registration

For assistance or to inquire about your current listing with D&B, contact:

Phone: 866-815-2749 (within North America)
Phone: 512-794-7712 (outside North America, excluding China)
Email: wmvendors@dnb.com
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 24 hours a day

Assistance in China:
Phone: 86-21-2610 7405
Email: walmartduns@dnb.com
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 9am to 5:30pm

Note: D&B does not charge businesses to update their company information. You can view and update your D&B information for free at iUpdate.dnb.com. Additional services to monitor and build your D&B file are available through Dun & Bradstreet’s Emerging Business team. This team provides solutions to monitor and build your company’s D&B Credit Report. These additional services are not required to complete your Walmart Registration.

GTIN/UPC (GS1 Company Prefix) Membership Number

Walmart requires a GS1 Company Prefix number on your application documents. Meeting this requirement provides you with a unique set of GTIN/UPCs for your items to be setup in the Walmart item file and sold in stores and on online.

To get your GS1 Company Prefix number visit www.gs1us.org and click on “UPCs, Barcodes, & Prefixes,” or call 937-435-3870 to reach the support line. The initial fee and yearly renewal fees are charged by GS1 based on the number of items you have for purchase.

Note: These requirements DO NOT apply to Service and Non-Resale Suppliers.

Factory Capability & Capacity Audit (FCCA)

FCCA is applicable to all Direct Import Factories (Non-Food and Non-Packaging)

FCCA is required prior to order commitment for new factories of all Supplier classifications & Retail Markets and is part of the three Pre-Qualification Audits (RS, SCS & FCCA). All FCCA audits will be conducted by Walmart designated 3rd Party Audit companies at the supplier’s cost.

All Walmart Direct Import Suppliers (Non-Food and Non-Packaging) are responsible to book the audit early as possible, and promptly pay the audit fee in advance. All arrangements must be directly with the designated 3rd Party Audit Company, and not through Walmart.

Delay in FCCA Audit booking would mean late order placement.

Please contact FCCA@wal-mart.com with questions or inquiries about this program.

Security Source Tagging

High-priced products often require anti-theft tagging. If this applies to your products, contact ADT/Sensormatic at 877-258-6424 or sourcetag@sensormatic.com.

Insurance Requirements

Suppliers of product to any of Walmart’s family of retail platforms are required to demonstrate financial responsibility.

As part of this obligation, Walmart requires all approved product suppliers to carry certain types of insurance. This insurance is intended to address legal costs and other liabilities that could result from claims or legal action related to your product. Additional details can be found in the insurance requirements for suppliers document.

As a supplier, you will be required to provide evidence of this financial responsibility and to maintain compliance with these requirements at all times.

View the supplier liability index matrix.

Audits, Certifications and Testing

Doing business with Walmart requires making your products, facilities, and records available for audits, inspections, and tests. You must obtain required audits, inspections, and tests in accordance with Walmart policy and provide the results to Walmart, collaborating with Walmart to resolve any issues. Depending on your product, you may be required to obtain a combination of the following audits:

  • Food Safety
  • General Merchandise Product Safety
  • Health & Wellness Product Safety
  • Responsible Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Security

Learn more about audits, certifications and testing.

Expectations by Compliance Area

Walmart’s Global Ethics & Compliance program is designed to manage the compliance risks associated with different subject areas, ranging from anti-corruption to food safety.

View the expectations by compliance area.


Walmart’s supply chain is vast, fast, and efficient. But it only works when suppliers pack, label, and ship their products according to the correct specifications.

The supply chain packaging guide outlines these specifications to ensure we are able to serve our customers with the right products at the right places at the right times.

Spend some time going through the guide. Evaluate whether your company is able to comply with these expectations. We’ve called out a few specific areas to focus on below:

  • Does your product’s case packaging meet the durability and size requirements to move through Walmart’s distribution centers on a conveyor belt?
  • Do you need to modify your case packaging to meet Walmart’s quality standards?
  • Do you need to modify the markings on your case packaging to comply with Walmart’s processes?
  • Are you able to label your case packaging according to Walmart’s specifications?
  • Are you able to palletize your shipments according to Walmart’s standards?
  • Is your shipping team able to load trailers according to Walmart’s specifications?

View the Walmart supply chain packaging guide. View the Sam’s Club guide.