Privacy & Security

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Privacy Notices

Walmart values the trust that our customers, associates, representatives and service providers place in us when they give us personal information. We believe that privacy is more than an issue of compliance and endeavor to manage personal information in accordance with our core value of respect for the individual.

Privacy Certifications

As part of our overall approach to privacy and security, Walmart occasionally participates in privacy-related programs and maintains privacy-related certifications on certain products, services, and experiences. 

Learn more about our current privacy certifications.

Fraud Alerts

The following fraud and scams are not from Walmart. We are listing them here in an effort to educate you about these activities. If you feel that you have been defrauded, you may want to contact the Federal Trade Commission or the Consumer Fraud Division of your state's Attorney General's office.

Learn more about important fraud alerts.

Report Identity Theft

If you are a victim of identity theft, you may request, at no charge, copies of application and business records in our control relating to the fraudulent transactions which may have occurred at Walmart or Sam's Club, or one of our websites. If you are a victim of identity theft, use this page to request copies of records in our control.

Learn more about reporting identity theft.

Stay Secure Online – Cybersecurity Hygiene

Keeping your private information private is increasingly important as our digital world expands. There are steps you can take to protect the things you want to stay private – and some of them take but a few clicks.

Read on for some cybersecurity hygiene steps to take to keep yourself secure online.

Privacy & Security FAQs

View the FAQs.

Law Enforcement Requests

If you are law enforcement and need information related to a crime that may have occurred at Walmart or Sam's Club, or one of our websites, please complete and submit your request via the Law Enforcement Request Portal.

Learn more about the Law Enforcement Request Portal.