A Walmart associate stands in the Grab & Go section with a handheld scanner and water bottles in her hand.

In addition to creating development and advancement opportunities for our more than 2 million associates around the world, Walmart also creates economic opportunity for people and businesses all along our supply chains, including U.S.-based manufacturing. Our frontline workforce development strategy focuses on creating access to employment, providing job stability and building mobility for professional advancement.

In 2015, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation launched the Retail Opportunity philanthropic program, committing more than $100 million over five years in grants to strengthen the U.S. frontline workforce development system in retail and related sectors, with an emphasis on engaging employers and funders in innovative approaches to training and advancement. While the initiative has concluded, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation continue to invest in programs that create economic opportunity in retail and related sectors.

We also believe it is the responsibility of business to respect human rights, and we aspire to use our capabilities and influence to bring about positive change. As a retailer, Walmart touches the lives of many — from our associates to the suppliers who provide the products and services we sell, to the customers and citizens in the communities where we operate.

Economic Opportunity

Walmart is committed to making retail a place of inclusive and equitable opportunity where people, regardless of where they start, can gain the skills and experiences they need to advance in their careers. Doing so allows us to attract, develop and retain the talent we need to deliver our distinctive omni-channel customer proposition. We also believe that investing in frontline retail workers creates value beyond Walmart. Communities need good entry-level jobs at competitive wages to provide pathways for workers to acquire skills and advance all while helping to sustain local economies.

Read more information on how we create economic opportunity as an employer and across the retail sector.

Human Rights

Our Human Rights Statement serves as the foundation of our approach to human rights, grounded in Walmart’s values and confirming our respect for and commitment to upholding human rights across our operations and supply chain. We are mindful that many adverse human rights risks are complex and can be the result of systemic issues, so we also work collaboratively with other stakeholders to inform our approach and identify root causes, share our work with others and use our leverage to help drive positive change. Walmart and the Walmart Foundation also help advance systemic change by supporting capacity in critical parts of the system.

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Investing in American Jobs

At Walmart, we believe in making a difference on the issues our customers and communities care about. By investing in products grown, made or assembled in the U.S., fueling American jobs and strengthening communities across the nation. Championing the manufacturing industry and rebuilding the middle class requires a national effort by companies, industry leaders, lawmakers and others.

Learn how our $350 billion investment in U.S. manufacturing is creating opportunities for our suppliers and supporting more than 750,000 American jobs.*

*Building on a previous commitment, Walmart’s new pledge to invest an additional $350 billion by 2030 in products that support U.S. jobs is estimated to support over 750,000 jobs based on estimates by Boston Consulting Group.