Health & Wellness

A man leans back in his chair away from his desk and laptop. His hands rest behind his head in a stretch.

In Health & Wellness, we are focused on improving the cost and convenience of health care, helping our customers and associates simply live healthier. Walmart and Sam's Club offer over-the-counter medications and a variety of low-cost, healthy grocery foods, while our pharmacists are available to answer medication-related questions and help with prescriptions. Here at Walmart, we are helping make an impactful difference in the communities we serve.

Rural Healthcare

Walmart is on a mission to transform the cost and convenience of healthcare in the communities we serve, by ensuring everyone has access to quality, affordable and convenient care. Ninety percent of the population is located within 10 miles of a Walmart, with 4,000 of our stores located in HRSA designated medically underserved areas, which puts us in a unique position to the front door of healthcare for all Americans.

Walmart and Medscape released the Healthcare Professionals’ Perspectives on Healthcare in Rural America report. With more than 10,000 HCPs sharing their perspectives, the survey is the first and largest study to assess barriers and solutions to care delivery from the perspective of those on the front lines of healthcare in rural and non-rural communities.

Read the report on Healthcare in Rural America.

Response to COVID-19

From the beginning of the pandemic, we have prioritized the health and safety of our associates and customers. We continue to play a key role in making sure all Americans can access COVID-19 vaccines.

Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have committed $43 million of cash and in-kind to support organizations on the front lines responding to COVID-19 to strengthen the global public health response, bolster food security and support the needs of local communities in the U.S. and internationally.

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Opioids Stewardship

The opioid epidemic is continuing to take a devastating toll on the health and economic vitality of millions of Americans. At Walmart, our mission is to help people "live better," and this means helping to fight the opioid crisis facing our country. As part of our commitment, in early 2017, we established the Walmart Opioid Stewardship Initiative to identify concrete, high-impact actions to help fight the opioid epidemic.

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