Why Packaging Matters

Did you know, according to data from our suppliers, in FY2022 nearly two-thirds of Walmart U.S.’s total product spend was on items made, grown or assembled in the United States?*

Packaging is important and it can be the best sales tool your products have.

More than 85% of customers have said it is important for retailers to carry products that are made, grown or assembled in the U.S.**

Furthermore, it is important that manufacturers are telling customers at the point of purchase that the product supports U.S. jobs.

Best Practices

  • National Brand make U.S. manufacturing claims on front of package, so it is ​visible to customers immediately.
  • Private Brand suppliers use the product certification tool to acquire approval to make​ U.S. mfg claims on front of package.
  • Visit FTC Made in USA labeling standards to learn the rules and regulations that govern packaging​ claims and U.S. manufactured items.
  • Existing Private Brand suppliers review the Campaign Usage Guide available on Retail Link. (link will only work for suppliers with valid retail link login)

* Source WMUS Teradata, receipts and item tables
** According to a survey done by Walmart’s Global Customer Insights & Analytics (GCIA) team in FY18 and confirmed in an April 2019 survey.