An associate carries a case of bottled water to a customer's trunk.

Sam Walton opened his first Walmart store nearly 60 years ago to serve the community of Rogers, Arkansas. Today, as an omni-channel retailer physically present in thousands of communities around the world, we serve millions of customers and employ over 2 million associates who live, work and play in these communities. We aim to create value for communities in many ways including through local grant programs, providing access to safer, healthier food and products, disaster preparedness and relief and supporting veterans and military families.

Serving Communities

Serving communities lies at the heart of Walmart’s mission to save people money and help them live better. We aim to serve communities by operating our business in a way that meets the needs of our customers and community stakeholder groups, complemented by additional efforts, including disaster support, associate volunteerism, local grant programs and community cohesion initiatives.

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Access to Safer, Healthier Food and Products

We aim to improve the lives of millions of people around the world by providing access to safer, more affordable food and products; educating and engaging people on food safety, nutrition and product safety; and facilitating industry innovation to promote access to safer, healthier options for food and other products (for example, sustainable chemistry).

Providing safer, healthier and more affordable food and other products is central to our mission to help people save money and live better. Our efforts include policies, standards and practices to sustain the safety and quality of our assortment, while engaging our customers and working with others on industry-wide efforts in consumer education, food and product safety, and access to safer, more affordable, healthier products.

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Disaster Response and Preparedness

We aim to use our internal resources to identify emerging risks, help facilities and associates prepare for disasters, respond when disasters strike and serve as a triage point for emergencies in our stores or offices around the world.

While Walmart has always helped communities in times of disaster, the experience of Hurricane Katrina helped us realize how we best draw on our strengths to support relief efforts in the aftermath of disaster. See our Disaster Response page for a look at how we help communities in times of need.

Our philanthropy aims to improve entire systems, not just respond in the moment. These investments also support efforts to help communities build resiliency and respond more quickly and effectively when disaster strikes.

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Veterans and Military Families

At Walmart, we’re grateful for the sacrifice our nation’s veterans, military personnel and their families make in service to our country. So, we feel it’s our duty to support this community while they’re in uniform and when they transition back to civilian life.

Over the last decade, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation invested $40 million in programs helping veterans transitioning back to civilian life. This help benefited organizations that build and strengthen systems to help military members navigate the wide array of resources available to them at all stages of their journey.

As part of this effort, we continue to provide preference to veterans and military spouses as part of the Find-a-Future initiative. This program, along with others seeks to advance the economic opportunity and well-being of our veteran and military families. We do this through several programs, partnerships, campaigns and policies.

Today, we continue to support veterans and their families through local community grant programs. We leverage resources like our Round-Up feature on Walmart.com and Registry for Good. Since 2013, we have extended offers to more than 430,000 U.S. veterans and military spouses. In 2021 alone, we extended offers to over 52,000 veterans and 30,000 military spouses.