Walmart associate Martina stands in the toy section of her store.

We aim to build a better world — helping people live better and renew the planet while building thriving, resilient communities. For us, this means working to create opportunity, build a more sustainable future, advance diversity, equity and inclusion and bring communities closer together. And at the end of the day, helping our customers save more of their hard earned money for the things they care about most. Because at Walmart, Live Better is what we do every day.


Walmart is committed to making retail a place of inclusive and equitable opportunity for our associates and across related sectors. We use our position as an employer, retailer and community member to promote respect for human rights. And we continue to pursue special initiatives to increase the sourcing of products that support the creation of American jobs.

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We understand that for a business to last, it must have a fundamental reason for being – which is found in the value it creates not only for shareholders, but for the world. That’s why, for more than 15 years, Walmart has been collaborating with others to drive positive impact across global supply chains. Our focus on climate, nature, waste and people in supply chains has strengthened our business and communities in measurable ways.

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We aim to help our neighbors live better by strengthening the local communities where our associates and customers live. We’re proud to be a part of thousands of communities worldwide and support them, whether that’s through local giving and associate volunteering, providing emergency relief when disasters strike, providing access to healthy food and services or relieving hunger through food donations and our philanthropic work to provide nutrition education and healthier food for all.

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Ethics & Integrity

Our commitment to ethics and integrity is reflected in our actions. From ensuring the food and products we sell are safe; to using technology and data ethically and responsibly; to investigating concerns raised by our customers, associates and stakeholders, our commitments are embedded into every action we take.

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Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (CDE&I)

Walmart aims to advance diversity, equity and inclusion within our company and society. We are focused on creating a more diverse, inclusive team at every level and fostering a culture where all associates are engaged to achieve their potential and deliver on our customer mission. We also strive to use our business and philanthropic resources to assess drivers of systemic disparities in society, seeking to contribute to a collective movement to advance equity for all.

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Last year, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation provided more than $1.5 billion in cash and in-kind annual giving to support programs that align with our philanthropic priorities. We focus on areas where we can do the most good — combining the unique strengths of the business alongside our philanthropy. Our ability to draw on Walmart business strengths, providing more than just funding, helps our philanthropy to deliver greater societal impact.

Today, Walmart.org, through the combined philanthropic efforts of both Walmart and the Walmart Foundation, creates opportunities for people to live better every day.
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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Shared value — addressing societal issues in ways that create value for our business and stakeholders — lies at the heart of Walmart’s enterprise strategy and our approach to ESG issues.

We believe we maximize long-term value for shareholders by serving our stakeholders: delivering value to our customers, creating economic opportunity for associates and suppliers, strengthening local communities and enhancing the environmental and social sustainability of our business and product supply chains.

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Health & Wellness

At Walmart, we are focused on improving the cost and convenience of health care and providing everything busy families and caregivers need to simply live healthier. This includes our pharmacists, who can answer medication related questions, help with prescriptions and provide immunizations. Walmart also provides COVID-19 testing at select locations, and both Walmart and Sam’s Club offer over-the-counter medications and low-cost, healthy grocery foods.

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