Belonging, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Photo of a female Walmart Associate slightly smiling, wearing a Walmart blue vest and standing behind the cash register.

Belonging At Walmart

Our vision is "Everyone Included." By fostering a workplace culture where everyone is—and feels— included, everyone wins. Associates are happier, perform at their best and in turn, provide better service to our customers and members.

Our Approach

Our three key areas of focus shape our approach to improve the associate and customer experience:

  • Belonging Experience: Creating spaces where all associates feel valued and heard.
  • Inclusive Communities: Helping people and communities we serve feel included.
  • Governance and Measurement: Tracking and sharing our progress toward belonging for all.


Creating associate opportunity


Enabling supplier inclusion


Investing in our communities with Walmart.org


Advancing racial equity

Belonging Report

2023 Belonging, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mid-Year Report
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