Site Selection: Phase 4 - Select Site & Finalize Deal

Phase 4

Select Site & Finalize Deal

Once the final site has been selected, there are a series of steps to complete to ensure the final deal is not jeopardized. Companies normally accept any incentive offers and receive final approval from the state and local jurisdictions prior to any real estate closing or public announcement. Remember that in order to realize most incentives, there are also annual compliance reporting requirements, so ensure you have identified internal stakeholders to follow through.

Steps in Phase 4 - Select Site & Finalize Deal

  1. Accept incentive offers & finalize agreements
  2. Finalize real estate deal
  3. Identify incentive compliance owners 

Things to remember:

  • All states have a "But-For" clause for incentives - remember to finalize acceptance of incentives prior to the public announcement or real estate closing
  • Identify incentive compliance owners within company to ensure benefits are realized after the facility is operational

Recommended Reading

Useful Websites

  • State Department of Revenue Websites - AICPA (www.aicpa.org/Research/ExternalLinks/Pages/TaxesStatesDepartmentsofRevenue.aspx)
  • Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (www.dsireusa.org)
  • IRS - Federal credits & deductions for businesses (www.irs.gov/Credits-&-Deductions/Businesses)

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