ESG Issue Briefs

Human Capital

Compensation & benefits; training/upskilling; advancement/mobility; pay equity; freedom of association; workforce development; careers

Equity & Inclusion

Executive and workforce diversity metrics; representation, equity and inclusion strategies; inclusive sourcing; promoting equity beyond Walmart

Climate Change

Governance; climate risk assessment; mitigation (zero operational emissions and Project Gigaton); adaptation; advocacy

Waste: Circular Economy

Zero operational waste; food waste; product packaging waste; plastic bags; customer engagement; local infrastructure

People in Supply Chains

Responsible sourcing; economic opportunity; responsible recruitment; worker safetys

Supplier Opportunity

U.S. manufacturing; diverse sourcing; made in India; smallholder farmers & small producers

Regeneration of Natural Resources

Forests, oceans, and land; sustainable commodities; supplier engagement; scaling impact through systemic change

Safer, Healthier Food & Other Products

Food and product safety; access to affordable, nutritious food; sustainable chemistry

Serving Communities

Affordable, quality food & essential products; employment; local suppliers; community resilience; local causes and giving; tax

Product Supply Chain Sustainability

Product sourcing; supplier engagement; industry consortia & initiatives; customer engagement; advocacy

Ethics & Compliance

Codes and standards; ethics; anti-corruption; antitrust; harassment and discrimination; training

Disaster Preparedness & Response

Business continuity planning; mitigation & recovery; supporting communities

Human Rights

Human rights statement; salient issues; governance; stakeholder engagement; human rights in supply chains

Corporate Governance

Board diversity, experiences & skills; Board and management oversight; executive compensation

Engagement in Public Policy

Policy governance; policy priorities; political advocacy and lobbying; trade association memberships

Responsible Use of Data and Technology

Privacy; cybersecurity; technology & data; ethical use of data; responsible use of technology; processes & procedures

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare standards; Five Freedoms; cage-free eggs; housing systems