CDP Response Archive

Linked below are Walmart’s recent annual responses to the CDP Climate Change survey, along with corresponding third-party assurance of Walmart’s Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions. For a full explanation of the methodologies used to calculate emissions, please see Walmart’s Climate Change ESG brief.

CDP Submission Year

CDP Submission

Third-Party Assurance

2022 (for 2021)ForthcomingForthcoming
2021 (for 2020)2021 CDP Submission2021 Third-Party Assurance
2020 (for 2019)2020 CDP Submission2020 Third-Party Assurance
2019 (for 2018)2019 CDP Submission2019 Third-Party Assurance
2018 (for 2017)2018 CDP Submission2018 Third-Party Assurance