Racial Equity and Inclusion

Everyone benefits when we create a more equitable world. This has led us to address the root causes of systemic racism through business initiatives and philanthropy in the communities we serve. We are doing this by creating opportunity and inclusion for all at Walmart. We are also advancing racial equity by using our core business capabilities to create shared value and complementing this work with philanthropic investments to drive systemic change.

Our Commitment

"To influence and lead change, we are going to use the power of Walmart to invest resources and develop strategies to increase fairness, equity, and justice in aspects of everyday life."

- Doug McMillon, President and CEO, Walmart Inc.

Supplier Inclusion

At Walmart, we believe we are at our best when we promote diversity across our supply chain. Our supplier inclusion program provides companies owned and operated by underrepresented groups equal footing to effectively work with us, while at the same time growing their business.

Learn more about Supplier inclusion.


Walmart and the Walmart Foundation committed $100 million over five years through the Walmart.Org Center for Racial Equity to complement the societal impact of Walmart business initiatives. The Center aims to advance racial equity within four focus areas: finance, health, education and criminal justice.

Learn more about Center for Racial Equity.

Constituent Relations

As the store of the community, we create opportunity through partnerships with community organizations, neighborhood churches and local businesses.​ Our Constituent Relations, Public Affairs and Public Policy teams develop best-in-class relationships that help transform communities and build a better Walmart.

Shared Value Network (SVNs)

Walmart's Shared Value Networks (SVNs) focus on using our business capabilities and scale to help solve the root causes of systemic racism. SVNs have launched multiple business initiatives and pilots to achieve equitable outcomes across health, finance, education and criminal justice:

The Education SVN is focused on creating equitable opportunities for Black and African Americans by increasing advancement for our associates, improving access to post-secondary education, and shifting mindsets and practices around talent, focused on skills and capability building. 

The Criminal Justice SVN is focused on leveraging Walmart’s scale, influence, and access to stakeholders to help overcome racism and drive long-lasting racial equity in the criminal justice system – and its long-term effects – by investing in and advocating for transformational programs and policies. Walmart aims to reduce bias, incarceration, and recidivism for those at risk of entering or those already impacted by the criminal justice system.

The Finance SVN is working to help decrease the Racial Wealth Gap by empowering our associates to build generational wealth, increasing access and opportunities for diverse and minority owned businesses, and expanding access to financial services for the communities we serve.

The Health SVN is working to create opportunities for all to simply live healthier by improving equity and driving systems change. In recent years we have seen a need for more healthcare services within the communities we serve. As a result, we have started adding health clinics in select locations across the U.S. Research shows that that someone’s zip code can sadly have a bigger effect than their genetic code.

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