Around the Clock Convenience: Walmart Now Offers Customers Late-Night Delivery

Sep. 12, 2023

An Associate Pushing Delivery Bins to a Home Entryway

We’ve all been there. The workday is finally finished, dinner and the dishes are done, when suddenly it hits you: You don’t have a gift for tomorrow’s party, cookies for the school fundraiser, or, the ultimate nightmare, you’ve run out of your favorite coffee pods. And the clock won’t quit ticking. 

Life doesn’t always happen on schedule, and Walmart understands that implicitly. That's why we're thrilled to offer Online Pickup and Delivery at over 4,000 stores nationwide, and introduce our latest addition: late-night delivery.

This is about more than just staying up late – it's about building a suite of Pickup and Delivery options that prioritize convenience, speed and putting the customer at the very center. Let’s talk about it. 


Late-Night Express Delivery  

We’re keeping our engines running a little later so those last-minute needs don’t keep you up at night. Whether it’s your kids’ favorite brand of gummy vitamins they grab on their way to the bus, or a broken hairdryer threatening to ruin the rest of the evening (and the next morning), Walmart is now offering Express Delivery until 10 p.m., on orders placed by 9:30 p.m., so those last-minute needs are delivered to your doorstep just in time. 

Live Shopper feature makes adds and substitutions a breeze

Our Live Shopper feature enables real-time text communication with a personal shopper, allowing customers to discuss substitutions or add items last minute. The whole experience feels like you’re texting a friend to grab you something while they’re at the store, helping to further personalize our online shopping service. So, if you suddenly realize you’re out of cold medicine, you can let your shopper know and they can make the add. 

On-Demand Delivery: Get what you need, choose when you want it 

At the heart of the innovation in our Pickup and Delivery business is the customer. Each thing we do aims to put the power in their hands – providing a way to get what they need, right when they need it. 

Our On-Demand Delivery slots allow for same-day delivery, so customers can choose a time that best suits their schedule. Keeping convenience at the forefront, same-day delivery is for people who don’t need something right now but want it later that day or even early the next. Customers can enjoy all the benefits of shopping without having to lift more than a finger. 

Or they can select Express Delivery – perfect for those who need something in a hurry. Imagine realizing you're down to the last few diapers, or your child's game controller decides to give up during the final battle. Walmart can save the day with delivery as soon as 30 minutes and up to 90 minutes. Let’s say you are on a trip and forgot your phone charger. Simply change your location, make your delivery selection and with a few simple swipes, a charger is on the way. 


Walmart+ InHome: The ultimate white glove experience 

Walmart+ members have the option to add InHome to their membership. This service allows customers to have items delivered straight to their fridge or placed on their countertop. InHome even offers pickup for customer returns, taking the item straight back to the store for them. It’s sort of the pinnacle of convenience. Walmart InHome is currently available in 46 markets including Miami, Dallas and San Francisco, representing coverage for 35 million households. The InHome offering has gained popularity among both seniors and busy families. 

Ready to choose your delivery style? Keep reading 

To get started, all customers need to do is open the Walmart app or website. They can choose between pickup or delivery and select their preferred time slot for either option. With more than 200,000 items available in-store, customers can easily browse and choose everything from fashion and furniture to food and beyond.

Whether the items are delivered late-night, really fast or the next day, the power is firmly in the hands of the customer. So, whether it’s cookies, an extra set of headphones, or a new coffee pot, the closest store to customers – at any time, in any place – remains the one in their pocket: the Walmart app.