Walmart Restored Premium Offers Customers and Sellers the Next Level of Opportunity

July 31, 2023

The summer’s hottest sequel doesn’t always have to be found in theaters. Sometimes, it’s on Walmart.com.

We’re unveiling our newest blockbuster offering, introducing Walmart Restored Premium. Like any strong sequel, Restored Premium expands on what made Walmart Restored great, helping customers discover a broader assortment of high-quality refurbished items at Every Day Low Prices.

Think of it as a new tier of opportunity.

Items that fall under the Restored Premium category are like new, showing no signs of cosmetic damage, and they come with a one-year warranty and 30-day (or more) free returns. Not only that, but where applicable, batteries will be 90% or more of the new equivalent. Finally, items will be refurbished by the original manufacturer or a manufacturer-authorized third party.

In short, Restored Premium items promise to be like-new, but without new prices. This isn’t just good for Walmart customers – it’s better for the planet too.

Keeping products in circulation for as long as possible is more sustainable, in line with our efforts to enable a more circular economy in collaboration with customers, suppliers and sellers. When we take action to reduce unnecessary waste and increase recycling, we’re working to protect the environment for future generations.

The Restored Premium tier also offers more opportunities for our Marketplace sellers.

They have the opportunity to do two important things: broaden their overall assortment and bring top-quality refurbished items to customers. With the chance to reach Walmart’s loyal customer base made even easier, sellers can help build trust toward a cycle of sales and growth, eventually expanding their capabilities into other areas – from computers to lawnmowers, there’s little limit on what the future of Restored Premium might hold. We’ll continue listening to what sellers want and need as we work together to make Walmart’s resale experience second-to-none.

As summer marches on, customers are looking for more ways to save. Whether they have their back-to-school shopping underway, or just want to DJ their backyard barbecue with a primo playlist, there’s a place to turn to for high quality at a low price. Customers can shop our endless aisles 24/7 online.

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