The People Who Make it Spark!

June 8, 2023

I published a piece yesterday about the evolution of our Spark Driver platform, highlighting its growth and looking to its future. But one thing about the platform has never changed: the incredible independent contractors who deliver for Walmart customers every day. We’re celebrating the platform’s fifth anniversary by celebrating five of the people who make it what it is.

Mohamed Gouram

From day one of launch in 2018, Mohamed began fulfilling orders on the Spark Driver platform. Since moving to Virginia Beach, Virginia from Casablanca, Morocco several years ago, Mohamed had dabbled on various gig platforms, but Spark Driver soon became his favorite.

He loves the consistency of trips in his city and has gotten to know many of the customers making frequent purchases by name.

“You share your story with them,” he said. “I can help people in need. Elderly people who can’t go to stores, they really appreciate it.”

Time with family is also very important to Mohamed, and he structures his deliveries around the needs of his loved ones.

“You can stop any time you want. You can finish any time you want. Take time to do a lot of different things. While my son is at the gym, I fulfill a trip in between,” he said.

Azmat Hafeez

Based in Glen Allen, Virginia, Azmat has been on the Spark Driver platform since the beginning, and loves that as an independent contractor, he is not tied to a desk.

The customers he delivers to appreciate his prompt, pleasant service and excellent communication. But it’s not just customers – he’s made friends in stores, too.

“The store associates also like us, because we are very honest and very punctual,” Azmat said. “We make sure to deliver the food right away without making stops on the way. A good customer experience helps to grow the [retailer’s] business, and they really appreciate that.”

Marianne Sanders

Another shining example of a driver making a positive impact is Marianne. She has been driving on the platform since the first day it launched in Springfield, Missouri. Not a stranger to retail or the gig economy, Marianne quickly realized the Spark Driver platform could make a perfect fit for her lifestyle. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Marianne recently became the primary caretaker of four of her six grandchildren, and she loves the flexibility that the Spark Driver platform provides for her to make money around her busy schedule.

Her husband also logs into the app early some mornings as a side hustle, and he’s not the only one Marianne has encouraged to sign up. A few years ago, she told Bryan about her enjoyment of driving on the Spark Driver platform. He signed up and began making deliveries soon after.

Bryan Kehler

“The main thing I enjoy is just the freedom of when I work and how I work,” Bryan said. “You can literally travel all over and do this, so that’s a nice plus.”

He often travels to see family and friends in other cities, but he is still able to make deliveries, and money, all while improving the customer shopping experience no matter what state he visits.

As customer demand grows for delivery, so does the need for new drivers.

Justin Eaton

Justin recently started fulfilling trips after he decided to start a side gig to supplement his income as a private chef. He and his husband live centrally located to many Walmart stores around the Rogers, Arkansas area, making the platform an awesome option to earn some extra cash. Justin enjoys the chance to learn about food – and not just in his day job.

“I like the opportunity to learn about new products that I might like to try,” Justin said.

Five years in and growing rapidly, I’m grateful for all the independent contractors who enable customers to receive anything from general merchandise to groceries straight to their doorstep.

For more information and to sign up for the Spark Driver platform, visit Drive4Spark.Walmart.com.