Belonging begins with us: Our annual Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report

June 9, 2022

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Editor’s note: Ben Hasan, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Culture, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer; Donna Morris, Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer – Walmart, sent the following note to Walmart U.S. associates.

To: All U.S.-based associates
From: Ben Hasan, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Culture, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer; Donna Morris, Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer

Belonging: It’s a basic word with a big meaning. While feelings of belonging are deeply personal to every individual, we can define belonging in a way that allows us to collectively understand the effects inclusion can have on each of us within the workplace and society. At Walmart, we aim to foster inclusion through the intentional action of understanding, supporting and championing individuals in all of their uniqueness, resulting in a culture where all associates feel welcome, comfortable, safe and empowered to reach their full potential every day.

Today we are sharing our annual Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report which highlights our progress and areas where we can continue to grow. We are taking a long-term view and have seen strong momentum building over the last two years.

Here are some highlights from this year’s report, and we encourage you to explore on your own here.

We have more diverse and female leaders at Walmart

Women represented 33.8% of U.S. officers in FY22 (as of Jan. 31, 2022), up from 31.8% in FY20. People of Color have also seen gains and represented 26.6% of U.S. officers in FY22 compared to 24.88% in FY20. This was driven in large part by the increase of African American and Black officers to 9.6% in FY22, a rise of 3.15% since FY20.

Almost half of our U.S. associates are People of Color

People of Color represented 49.33% of U.S. hourly associates in FY22, an increase of 3.38% since FY20. Similarly, 38.51% of U.S. management associates in FY22 were People of Color, up from 35.92% in FY20.

Our associates are becoming increasingly intersectional

The percentage of U.S. associates who identify as two or more races grew to 3.04% in FY22 compared to 2.63% in FY20.

Our focus on inclusion feels even more important than ever as we recently witnessed the heartbreaking and horrific events in Uvalde, Texas. The preceding week, a racially motivated attack targeting African Americans in Buffalo, New York, underscored the nation’s long-standing and deep-seated issues related to injustice, inequity and fairness. These open wounds continue to inflict pain and unfortunately aren’t isolated occurrences. Over the last few months, we’ve also seen hate crimes targeting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Texas and California, and many other aggressive actions toward women and LGBTQ+, Hispanic, Indigenous and Jewish populations.

As a company, we continue to actively seek solutions we can help drive. We will host our Racial Equity Milestone Meeting on June 22 to share our progress on work to advance equity for all.

We remain hopeful even during these uncertain times, knowing our commitment is unwavering. We’ll continue to create programs, build bridges and open doors where they were once closed. We won’t let perfect get in the way of progress and will remain steadfast in our focus that small actions, over time, have lasting impact. Belonging begins with us.