Lower Fees, Less Hassle with Walmart Direct2Cash

Customer Service Center

Walmart has worked with tax preparers in our stores for many years now, and we talk to our customers every day. We’ve learned that both parties are interested in a better method for handling refund checks, and that’s where our new service, Walmart Direct2Cash can make a difference.

Whether you use a bank account or not, Walmart Direct2Cash is a first-of-its-kind option that allows you to manage your finances the way you see fit. Through this service, tax preparers using the Walmart Direct2Cash software can offer their customers the option of a refund pickup at any Walmart store in the U.S. Customers who choose Walmart Direct2Cash will receive an email notification with a unique code, and all they have to do is take that code to a Walmart store, show ID, and collect their cash. It’s convenient, and cheaper, too: You’ll pay no additional fee or no more than $7 to your tax preparer when filing, and Walmart doesn’t charge any extra fees. When you consider that fees for a refund check can sometimes be more than $70 for processing and cashing, that’s a definite savings.

Prior to tax season, we did some research and testing of this idea, and the response from our customers was a resounding ‘Yes! This is exactly what we’re looking for!’ For taxpayers, it’s a way to save time and money. For tax preparers, not having to manage the check process creates a more efficient experience.

Plus, as our society changes, checks are on the decline as more people prefer the conveniences of the digital age. Think about it: Many banks offer the ability to deposit a check into your account just by snapping a photo with your phone. As the expectation for these types of offerings grow, Walmart is adapting and providing our customers with options.

Creating better ways to serve our customers is something we’re always working on, and in the future, we see this service expanding beyond tax refunds to help in additional ways. Not only is Walmart Direct2Cash an easier way to get your tax refund, but by using it, you should go home with more of the hard-earned money you’re entitled to.

And that’s something I think we can all celebrate.