We can make the most significant difference when we draw on our particular strengths as a retailer like our 2.3 million associates globally, supplier relationships, physical assets and capabilities in logistics, marketing, operations and merchandising. We complement and extend the impact of Walmart’s social and environmental initiatives through philanthropic efforts. Through both in-kind and cash gifts, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation give over $1 billion annually to projects that create opportunity, enhance sustainability and strengthen community.


As a global retailer, Walmart works with others to use our strengths — our jobs, our purchase orders, our company voice, the convening power of our brand and philanthropic investments — to create a more inclusive economic system that increases workforce mobility and economic growth in countries around the world.

We have two main priorities:

  1. Supporting local, diverse and small businesses
  2. Increasing economic mobility and inclusion


Walmart collaborates with suppliers, customers, nonprofit organizations and others to enhance the environmental and social sustainability of global value chains. We’re bringing our relevant strengths to bear, including customer and supplier relationships, purchase orders, philanthropy, our voice, physical assets and capabilities in sourcing, logistics, technology, operations and marketing, to name a few, to help reshape systems for the better.

Our priorities include:

  1. Reducing energy intensity and emissions in our operations
  2. Improving sustainability in global value chains
  • Supporting measurement and transparency in value chains
  • Reducing environmental impacts in value chains
  • Providing affordable, healthier and safer food and products
  • Supporting the dignity of workers everywhere


Walmart collaborates with charitable organizations and aims to enable the engagement for our 2.3 million associates in 10,000 communities worldwide to serve those local communities in ways that go beyond our retail mission. We’re drawing on our expertise in logistics and other areas and the talents and passions of our associates to strengthen the charitable meal system, provide emergency relief in the face of disaster and improve disaster preparedness in our communities around the world.

We have three main priorities:

  1. Relieving hunger
  2. Enhancing resilience in the face of disasters
  3. Developing local communities