In 2009, Walmart acquired a majority in Distribución y Servicio D&S S.A., Chile's leading food retailer. With headquarters in Santiago, Walmart Chile operates several supermarket formats including Lider, Express de Lider, SuperBodega aCuenta and Central Mayorista. Additionally, customers can order products online for delivery or pickup at lider.cl. Learn more

Quick Facts:

President & CEO: Cristian Barrientos Pozo
Website: walmartchile.cl
eCommerce website: lider.cl

Retails Units:

  • Superbodega Acuenta: 127
  • Lider Express: 157
  • Lider Hiper: 101
  • Central Mayorista: 12
  • Total Retail Units1: 397

1. Total retail units as of 01/31/24.