We’re doing everything we can to help strengthen our community of families, friends and associates. We’re taking preventative measures to keep our stores clean and maintain a healthy environment. Together, we’ll get through this.
March 26, 2020
As I was walking into the vestibule of one of our Supercenters in Burlington, North Carolina yesterday, two separate customers stopped in their tracks, looked me in the eye to make sure I was paying attention, and expressed…
April 9, 2020
Help shape the future of your community by participating in the 2020 Census...
February 24, 2020
BENTONVILLE, Ark., April 3, 2020 — Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) today announced that, as a result of the public health impact from the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), its Annual Shareholders’ Meeting set for Wednesday, June 3, 2020, will be conducted by a virtual meeting only. While shareholders will be able to attend the meeting online, there will…
April 3, 2020
There is a commonality, and a common source of pride, in most Walmart stores: If you look around, you’ll see an American flag flying. But in Walmart Store 3455, one day a year, you have the opportunity to see the colors, and the pride, of the flags of more than 30 diverse nations.
April 3, 2020
Yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence visited our Distribution Center in Gordonsville, Virginia, and I was privileged to be there with him as he met associates and addressed everyone. I want to share part of his message to our team…
April 2, 2020
As our company and country continue to deal with the spread of COVID-19, we remain focused on the health and safety of our associates. We continue to follow and communicate the CDC’s recommended guidance on behaviors like washing hands,…
March 31, 2020
We’re in unprecedented times. The way we’re all living and shopping is changing. We know customers want and need to be served differently. And, we’re moving quickly to adapt to those changing needs. It’s one way we can help to add some stability to our customers’ lives. We’re adapting by…
March 27, 2020
With our nation and world forced to contend with the dangers of COVID-19, consumers across the globe are purchasing essential items for themselves and their families. Their hope is that the goods are priced fairly and competitively.
March 26, 2020
Using our strengths to make a difference
At Walmart, we’re committed to using our size and scale for good. Not just for our customers, or even our associates, suppliers, and their families, but also for the people in our communities and around the world that we will never meet. We’re proud to say that the work we do makes a real difference on the real issues that matter to all of us, and drives meaningful change in a way that no other company can.
Innovative thinking. Leadership through service. And above all, an unwavering commitment to saving people money. It’s what makes us the business we are today, and shapes the company we will be tomorrow. Sound like a lot of work? We’re just getting started.
We’re committed to nothing less than transforming the future of commerce. Building on our everyday low price model, we’re integrating online and in-store shopping for the next generation. It’s an approach that has delivered growth, leverage and returns for our shareholders.
A satisfied customer has always been our first priority, but it wouldn’t be possible without the thousands of businesses around the world that we’re proud to call Walmart suppliers. We work with these companies, along with NGOs and government leaders, to ensure that everything we sell is produced responsibly.