Water Quality Reports

A note to our California customers regarding Great Value and Sam's Choice bottled water:

To ensure that the Great Value Distilled, Drinking, and Spring Water and the Sam's Choice Purified Drinking Water you purchase at our stores meet Walmart's quality standards, it is tested regularly by our suppliers. Those tests are designed to keep Great Value and Sam's Choice water in compliance with all state and federal regulations governing bottled water health and safety.

Our suppliers' plants are subject to state and federal regulations and hold California Producing Permits that are granted annually only after specific requirements are met. Any Great Value or Sam's Choice water shipped into California from out of state requires an annual California Bottled Water Distribution Permit.

The standards set for Great Value and Sam’s Choice bottled water produced both inside and outside California that is sold in the state significantly exceed U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for purified drinking water.

Our Bottled Water Quality Report data can be found below: