SPM Support


The resources and information below will help you understand next steps after obtaining your supplier number.

For initial access to Retail Link, go to https://retaillink.wal-mart.com then request Retail Link access by selecting the “Registration” button and following the prompts.

  • Access is typically granted within 48 hours
  • If you experience issues obtaining your Retail Link ID, please contact Retail Link Support at 479-273-8888

Note: For best results, set your monitor resolution to at least 1024x768.

  • U.S. Users please use Chrome v49 or above
  • All international users please use Internet Explorer

The Supplier Academy training portal provides an abundance of training content on many different topics. Please watch the Supplier Academy video when you have time. It will give you a quick overview of how to navigate within the portal.


Walmart provides different options to submit invoices. Please check your Purchase Order to determine how to submit your invoices.

Invoices submitted to Walmart must have the following information:

  • Supplier Name / Address (as registered with Walmart)
  • Walmart Supplier Number (as provided on your Welcome email)
  • Invoice Number (must be unique, numeric and a maximum of 15 characters)
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice amount
  • PO being invoiced (one per Invoice / Credit Memo) – Invoices without a PO number will be rejected
  • Walmart Business Contact (Your main point of contact for day-to-day work)
  • Walmart Department Name
  • Detail of service / goods provided
  • Remittance Information
  • Contract Number

Invoice and any backup should be submitted as one attachment to prevent errors in processing. Copies must be legible.

Indirect Procure 2 Pay (IP2P)

The Indirect Procure to Pay (IP2P) application is accessible via Retail Link. It is designed to provide Goods Not for Resale (GNFR) suppliers the ability to: view purchase orders (PO), use PO data to generate an invoice or credit memo for submission, mass invoice/credit memo upload from Excel, attach supporting documentation (PDF, JPEG, TIF, XLS, XLSX) & query status of invoices/credit memos. IP2P benefits include visibility of invoices throughout the payable process and improve paid on time, with no fees or costs to use the application.

For IP2P access, please use the Retail Link “Additional Access Request” APP for the following access group:

a) Access Group 1830221 – US GNFR
b) For additional support, please refer to the attached Help Document
c) Access is typically granted within 48 hours or less
d) If you are experiencing issues obtaining IP2P, please contact the Contact Center.
Phone: 1-888-499-6377 select language, select Accounts Payable or
Email: GBSAPGNFR@walmart.com

To learn more about IP2P please visit the Supplier Academy in Retail Link.

Invoice Support

GBS Contact Center

Phone: 1-888-499-6377 select language then select option 1 for Accounts Payable

  • Most issues will be resolved during the call
  • If the issue must be sent to another team to research, make sure to record the ticket number you are provided
  • Allow 5-7 business days for a resolution
  • Email: wmgssna@wal-mart.com


Set up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Walmart encourages suppliers to setup secure electronic payments through the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program. For more information about enrolling in Walmart’s EFT Program, call the Global Shared Services Contact Center at 1-888-499-6377 (U.S./Puerto Rico) or 1-888-709-6377 (Canada). Submit forms to wmeftpm@wal-mart.com.

Goods for Not Resale/Service Suppliers

Download EFT Form

Walmart Inc. strives to work in a professional and consistent manner to provide both current and prospective suppliers with the tools needed in order to conduct business with Walmart. Current and prospective suppliers are solely responsible for all costs incurred or associated with meeting Walmart’s requirements. Therefore, current and prospective suppliers should first evaluate such costs before applying.

Please be advised that this information being provided to you is confidential proprietary information of Walmart Inc. and its related subsidiaries and affiliates ("Walmart") and is subject to the confidentiality and nondisclosure obligations contained in your legal agreement(s) with Walmart. Except as authorized by Walmart, any use, dissemination, distribution or copying of this information is strictly prohibited.