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Walmart Drone Delivery by the Numbers

Drone pilot is shown from behind wearing a jacket that reads “FAA Certified Operation, Stand Clear.” Drone is flying in air.

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It’s been getting a lot of buzz: We first announced drone delivery in 2021 and have since expanded the service to offer delivery by drone to more markets and customers. Want to know more? Check out the numbers:

36 Walmart stores in the U.S. have drone delivery hubs operated by DroneUp, FlyTrex and Zipline
6000+ Completed drone deliveries in 2022
5 Customer favorites delivered by drones are Great Value Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, 2lb. Bag of Lemons, Rotisserie Chicken, Red Bull and Bounty Paper Towels
7 States Operating Drone Delivery. Map of United States showing number of drone hubs within each state. Seven states colored in include the following: Arizona – 6, Utah – 2, Texas – 11, Arkansas – 4, Virginia – 3, North Carolina – 1, Florida – 9
30 Minutes or less for drone to deliver after ordering
+85%* of items in a Neighborhood Market meet the weight (10lb) and volume requirements to be delivered by drone
*While 85% of items in a NHM meet the weight requirements, Walmart and its partners currently offer nearly 20,000 items available for drone delivery
4,700 Stores located within 90% of the U.S. population, making Walmart uniquely positioned to offer drone delivery at scale
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Walmart Drone Fact Sheet
Get the facts about our drone delivery in one place.