Hurricane Idalia

Hurricane Idalia radar image approaching coast of Florida in August 2023

Supporting Hurricane Idalia Relief

We are mobilizing quickly to support the communities impacted by Hurricane Idalia. As the storm hit, our Emergency Operations Center and our teams in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina have continued to check in on the safety of our associates, customers and members. We are working closely with local leaders and first responders so we can best meet the needs of those affected by the hurricane.

We are also coordinating with nonprofits to make resources such as food, showers and laundry available at several of our stores in Florida and Georgia.

In addition to these efforts, Walmart, Sam’s Club and the Walmart Foundation are committing $1.25 million to support nonprofits helping with cleanup and recovery efforts in vulnerable communities.

In preparation for the storm, our teams worked to ensure shelves were stocked with essential products and merchandise. Associates continue to move and add products to make sure our communities have what they need.

Our thoughts are with the associates, customers and members who were impacted by Hurricane Idalia, and we will continue looking for ways to help.