Walmart Launches Eyewear Brand Made From Traceable Recycled Materials

Dec. 5, 2023

Woman wearing Karun eyeware leans on a rail toward camera with her chin on her hand. She is in a wooded area.

We love seeing our customers find the perfect pair of glasses. When the best choice for them is also the right choice for the planet, everyone wins.

We know our customers want to make more sustainable choices, with 78% of U.S. consumers saying that a sustainable lifestyle is important to them.1 At Walmart, we are committed to helping our customers find more sustainable eyewear products without sacrificing quality or appearance – which is why we are excited to announce that Walmart is launching Karün, our first eyewear brand made from traceable recycled materials.

Now available at 1,400 Walmart Vision Center locations, Karün offers customers more sustainable eyewear options at an affordable price. Made from recycled fishing nets, metals and other plastics from the coasts of Patagonia, Karün is reimagining a more sustainable alternative to traditional eyewear.

“At Karün, our mission is to create eyewear that helps protect nature. Through our Karün Traceability System, we enable customers to learn where their eyewear materials were collected, how far they traveled and where they were produced,” said Thomas Kimber, Karün founder and CEO. “We chose to work with Walmart as our U.S. national retailer to expand access to more sustainable eyewear options.”


This collection is emblematic of how Walmart is working with suppliers on embedding circularity across our product categories while prioritizing quality, durability and sustainability. Karün’s efforts are part of our broader goal to become a regenerative company – one that helps renew people and the planet through our business.

Expanding high-quality, affordable product assortment

As a trusted health and wellness destination, we are continually expanding our eyewear assortment to help customers see better to live better. Over the past few years, we’ve launched well-known brands including DKNY, Columbia, Bebe and Nike Eyewear to meet customers' demands for stylish options at affordable prices.

Bringing Karün to Walmart will expand our options and help customers find more sustainable eyewear options within their budget.

The line features 18 styles, including classic aviators, as well as round, rectangle and square frames, ranging from $114 to $132. As we broaden our assortment, we also hope to extend availability to more Vision Centers in the future.

Shopping for eyewear is personal and everyone’s check list looks a little different. If sustainability and waste reduction are on your list, know that we are helping to make the more sustainable choice the everyday choice at Walmart.

1. Am JB, Doshi V, Noble S, Malik A. Consumers care about sustainability—and back it up with their wallets. McKinsey & Company. February 6, 2023. Accessed November 20, 2023.