Walmart de México and Central America Promote Health Care for Customers

Sep. 14, 2023


At Walmart, we help people save money and live better. Visit any one of our stores in Mexico and Central America and it’s easy to see how we’re helping our customers save money. But what does it mean to help customers in these communities live better?

We believe convenient access to quality, affordable health care is vital to living better. We’re proud to offer needed prescription and over-the-counter medications with our Medimart brand, which provides patients access to significant savings compared to commercial brands. We also offer a health membership starting at $2 per month that includes 24/7 access to telemedicine, ambulance services and discounts with specialists, among other benefits. Many doctors’ offices are adjacent to our pharmacies, and our expert pharmacy associates are ready to assist customers. 

We also know we can’t stop there. Last weekend, we wrapped our first-ever wellness week in Walmart de México, “Cuida tu salud, Vive Mejor.” The 10-day community event offered free wellness checks and services to customers and families at 95 stores and 79 offices around Mexico City. 

From Sept. 1 to Sept. 10, thousands of customers turned out for our inaugural “Take care of your health, Live Better” week in Mexico City. Services included a variety of preventative care screenings, like glucose tests and blood pressure checks. We also teamed up with Colgate to offer 35,000 dental check-ups and fluoride applications, and with the partnership of the Ilusión brand and the Breast Cancer Foundation (FUCAM), we provided 280 mammograms – all completely free. We closed the weekend supporting the Red Cross in the event, “Todo Mexico salvando vidas” (All Mexico saving lives), where over 50,000 people participated nationwide in a run supporting healthy living. 

Preventative and primary care are so important. These steps can track development in children, reduce the risk for diseases through early detection and help save lives. But many around the world face barriers to basic health care and wellness options, like cost, location, not having a primary care provider or not having access to preventative tests and screenings. 

We’re working to break down those barriers.

This latest collaboration between Walmart de México and Central America, Walmart Salud and Bodega Aurrerá Salud is just one example of the many ways we’re creating greater access to health care for our customers and communities around the world. Since 2014, Walmart U.S. pharmacies have hosted Walmart Wellness Days, offering more than 5 million free health screenings for customers in America. Walmart Canada’s recent Wellness Day focused on helping students and parents get back-to-school ready with advice and recommendations on immunizations and a checklist for getting a healthy start to the school year. Our new Testing and Treatment Program in the U.S. lets Walmart pharmacists test customers for strep throat, the flu and COVID-19 and then provide treatment right there in store.

We’re so excited about the success of this event in Mexico City. We know we can make an impactful difference in convenience and accessibility when it comes to the health and wellness of the customers we serve, and we look forward to bringing a wellness event to a Walmart near you – wherever you are.