With Walmart’s New Associate-to-Driver Program, the Wheel Is Within Reach

Jan. 18, 2023

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A Walmart truck driver drops keys into a Walmart associate's hands. A Walmart semi truck trailer can be seen in the background.

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Walmart associates know the crucial role our Private Fleet of more than 13,000 drivers play across our company. Delivering great items at an incredible value would truly not be possible without the drivers in our Private Fleet. In fact, many Walmart associates have long been interested in stepping into these driver roles themselves but felt limited by the time and expense of the training required.

That’s why the launch of our Fleet Development program last year was such a game changer: It gave supply chain associates in select parts of the country a path to earn their commercial driver’s license (CDL) and became full-fledged Private Fleet Walmart drivers.

Today I am thrilled to announce we are expanding the pilot program so that associates working in stores, distribution centers, fulfillment centers and transportation offices in participating locations will be able to take advantage of this incredible program.

Through this expanded pilot, associates in stores, distribution centers, fulfillment centers and transportation offices within a 50-mile radius of a participating transportation office will be eligible to apply to the Associate-to-Driver program. After they complete the 12-week training course and earn their CDLs, they have a coveted Walmart driving job ready to step into. Walmart drivers can make up to $110,000 in their first year with the company, in addition to the suite of benefits the company offers. And that’s just a start – drivers who have been with Walmart longer can earn even more, based on factors like tenure and location.

What does that career journey look like for an actual associate? Well, the Associate-to-Driver program just celebrated its most recent graduates out of Dover, Delaware, and Sacramento, California. Levor Franklin completed the program and is now working his dream job as a Walmart driver. Meet Levor and learn more about his career journey.

The Associate-to-Driver program allows participants to learn driving from the best of the best – our current Walmart driving instructors. Our fleet is continually recognized for its commitment to safety. In fact, the American Trucking Association has awarded Walmart the Safest Fleet in the Over 250 Million Mile Division for six consecutive years. By training our new drivers in this program from day one, we can help guide them to approach all parts of the job focusing on the values of safety, courtesy and pride so that we will never disappoint our fleet, customers or families.

The program is a win for associates, who can take the next step in their career journey without leaving the company. It’s a win for Walmart, as we can continue to invest in our talented team of associates. And it is a win for customers and members, as our fleet continues to deliver every day.

It’s exciting to be part of one of the world’s largest private fleets, and we plan to keep hiring and growing the best drivers in the industry to join our team. To apply to drive for Walmart, visit drive4walmart.com.