Made in America: The Unsung Heroes of the Holidays

Dec. 21, 2022

2 Min. Read
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The heroes of the holidays are often obvious: Santa Claus, a crisp Douglas fir, a hanukkiah, the claymation version of the abominable snowman, the one family member who insists on purchasing extravagant gifts. But what of the unsung heroes of the holiday season? What about the things that hold us all together – literally?

At Walmart, we’re giving those items their due. And this season, each hero we highlight is made right here in the U.S.A. So when you wrap from Walmart, you can support American jobs, too. Take a look:

Scotch® Brand Tape

The philosophical underpinnings of gift wrapping begin not with boxes or paper, but with tape.

Manufactured in Hutchinson, Minnesota with globally sourced material, Scotch® Magic™ Tapes help prepare your presents, holding your gift boxes closed and sealing the edges of your wrapping paper. With more than 1,600 employees at the company’s Minnesota plant, shoppers can feel good about the impact a purchase has in a local community.

Scotch® Brand Packaging Tape, manufactured in Cynthiana, Kentucky with globally sourced material, is around for sealing and shipping your gifts. So whether your gift exchange is down the street or across the country, Walmart has an American-made option for holding everything together.

Wrapping Paper

We’ve all been there: You’re cutting wrapping paper and the scissors begin their flawless glide through it, like a bald eagle running its talons across the glassy surface of a nameless midwestern lake.

That feeling is on sale at Walmart this season.

Manufactured in Memphis, Tennessee and Byhalia, Mississippi, papers like our 30” paper truck wrapping paper make it easy to fold a flawless edge and find the joy in a smooth cut. Remember, all gifts are great when they’re still wrapped.


Boldly inspiring its own metaphor for flawlessly finishing something is the bow. Put one on top of your holidays with the 24- or 40-count red/white/green or red/green/gold colorways from Walmart.

Manufactured in Berwick, Pennsylvania, making these bows supports 355 American jobs! And they’re easy to use, too. Just peel and stick to take your gift to the next level.

Bubble Wrap

A gift inside a gift, we have bubble wrap. Independently entertaining and often essential, this unsung hero has saved the lives of countless coffee mugs and ornaments.

Manufactured across a large swathe of the country, from Grand Prairie, Texas to Madera, California and Hodgkins, Illinois, Duck Brand Bubble Wrap Cushioning is here to protect – and pop – this season. It’s an easy to way to support American jobs, too. The manufacture of the product accounts for 714 jobs.

Shipping Boxes

Without a vessel, many things become harder to wrap – and ship. Perhaps the most humble item on the list, the box is the building block upon which wrapping becomes beautiful. Thankfully, Walmart is delivering everything you need this holiday season, with a 15x12x10 box bundle of 30 boxes.

Made of recycled materials, you can feel good about shipping in these boxes, which also support 52 jobs in Dayton, Ohio.

The Unsung Heroes

No matter how you celebrate, you can find what you need to wrap a great gift at Walmart. And this year, as you survey the gifts assembled, give some thought to the unsung heroes holding them together – and the American workers who bring it all to life.