Celebrating One Year of Walmart GoLocal

Aug. 30, 2022

3 Min. Read
Customer getting local groceries from a GoLocal order

It’s been a year since we introduced Walmart GoLocal as our white-label, delivery-as-a-service offering for businesses. We launched Walmart GoLocal in August 2021, as businesses of all sizes were continuing to see consumer demand for fast, reliable delivery post-pandemic. We saw an opportunity to serve retailers who could benefit from Walmart’s scale, delivery infrastructure and world-class operations. Since then, Walmart GoLocal has been focused on helping our clients reach their customers through local delivery—whether they are a large enterprise looking to find efficiencies, improve coverage and lower costs for delivery or a small business seeking to build out and scale their delivery infrastructure for the first time. Just last week, we shared that we reached a notable milestone: more than one million deliveries completed through Walmart GoLocal.

Walmart GoLocal has enabled our clients to serve thousands of customers nationwide by offering custom delivery infrastructure capabilities tailored to each client’s specific needs. As we’ve grown, Walmart GoLocal has been able to drive density in the areas we serve, which enables us to offer competitive pricing due to delivery volume on routes. This translates into savings for our clients and their customers, coupled with a reliable and trusted partner in Walmart GoLocal.

I want to take a moment to recognize some of our key successes, which include:

  • Scaling our platform to serve clients at thousands of pickup locations and offer delivery in as fast as 30 minutes. We are on track to reach 5,000 locations by the end of this year.
  • Serving clients across many categories including clothing and apparel, automotive, grocery and alcohol, restaurants, consumer electronics, hardware and DIY, floral, warehousing and fulfillment and delivery orchestration.
  • Announcing partnerships with leading enterprises in these categories and helping them reach their customers through customizable delivery solutions. We have also empowered small businesses to focus on growing their business while we manage delivery.
  • Delivering on our promise of offering people fast, reliable and affordable delivery, with industry-leading customer satisfaction scores.
  • Expanding our suite of delivery infrastructure offerings—from Express Delivery and same- or next-day delivery to big and bulky item fulfillment.

Through our discussions with clients, we discovered that businesses are at all stages of their journey with local delivery, and we need to meet them where they are. For mature clients, this means we help them optimize their delivery capabilities for cost structure and network coverage. For our local and small business clients, we work closely with them to build out their delivery value proposition and scale their business to reach more customers. Many of our local and small business clients have not had access to delivery services, which we simplify through our deep retail expertise and delivery infrastructure. We also worked with clients who are looking to innovate in the local delivery space and reimagine their future state supply chains—where businesses aren’t forced to make trade-offs between customer experience, speed, reliability and costs.

It’s energizing to collaborate with our clients—regardless of where they are in their delivery journey—and find new ways to support them and their business. Moving forward, we remain focused on serving our clients by evolving and expanding our delivery infrastructure offerings. We’re going to continue introducing additional services under Walmart GoLocal that bring our retail, logistics and eCommerce expertise and infrastructure to life for other businesses and create opportunities.

These accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without the trust and collaboration of our clients, as well as the impressive efforts of our Walmart GoLocal associates and network of delivery service providers. To our clients and partners, we value your collaboration and are eager to find new ways to serve your customers through local delivery. To our Walmart GoLocal associates, your dedication to our clients is inspiring. I’m looking forward to what we can collectively accomplish in the year ahead.

For more information on Walmart GoLocal, visit www.walmartgolocal.com. If you’re a business looking for opportunities to strengthen your local delivery capabilities, visit our website or send me a message on LinkedIn.