Growing the Spark Driver Platform Now and in the Future

Aug. 17, 2022

2 Min. Read
spark driver delivering bags to a customer

We started a journey four years ago to bring even more convenience to our customers by delivering groceries and essentials directly to their doors. To offer this service to all customers with speed, we needed a delivery network that could reach rural and suburban areas. So we launched the Spark Driver platform.

Fast forward to today. We now have thousands of independent contractors who choose to drive on the Spark Driver platform, making it the largest delivery provider for Walmart. Today, nearly three-quarters of delivery orders have been fulfilled by drivers on the Spark Driver platform—reaching 84% of U.S. households.

Deliveries from our stores make up a large portion of this growth, but it doesn’t stop there. Drivers on the Spark Driver platform also fulfill orders for Walmart GoLocal, our white label, delivery-as-a-service business. The Spark Driver platform enables us to serve Walmart GoLocal clients—from large enterprises to small- and medium-sized businesses—and help them reach their customers with fast, reliable and affordable delivery.

The combination of these options is great for drivers, too. In fact, they rank quality of support for drivers and our shop and delivery experience highest in our satisfaction surveys. More broadly, drivers on the Spark Driver platform have more:

  • Flexibility: Drivers in all 50 states enjoy the freedom of deciding when, where and how frequently to perform deliveries. They can choose the types of trips they want to accept, including delivery, shopping and delivery or Walmart GoLocal. And, with 7,000 pickup points between Walmart stores and Walmart GoLocal clients, drivers can deliver everything from groceries, clothing and apparel to home improvement products and floral arrangements.
  • Opportunity: Drivers are paid competitively, with earnings calculated on multiple factors including distance, size of delivery and extras. Earnings don’t stop when the delivery is complete. Drivers also have the opportunity for incentive earnings through the Spark Driver Bonus Program and referrals. Additionally, drivers on the Spark Driver platform always keep 100% of their tips.
  • Reliability: People choose the Spark Driver platform in large part because of its reliable demand for deliveries through stores and Walmart GoLocal. Thanks to this, our customers can rely on us to save them time with convenient pickup and delivery with no added markup on items, making Walmart a destination for customers and drivers alike.
The Spark Driver platform has made a huge difference in my life. It gives me the flexibility to work when I want and be able to spend more time with my daughter. I’ve also earned extra cash to pay off my car and make extra house payments. Thanks to the Spark Driver platform my house is halfway paid off!
Christina H.

We’ll continue to grow the Spark Driver platform and work with our valued delivery service providers to ensure we’re bringing the best possible experience to our customers and getting them what they need, when they need it. And with the holidays approaching, we’re excited to add even more opportunities for drivers to earn.

Until then, we welcome drivers to sign up at drive4spark.com. We’d be honored to have you.