It Takes a Squad: Tot Squad Helps Parents Find Support

March 9, 2022

2 Min. Read
Mother Using Pillow for Breastfeeding

Real talk: Parenthood can be kind of terrifying. Sleep deprivation. Feeding and nutrition struggles. Not to mention, you know, being responsible for a tiny human.

That’s why parents need someone – or, preferably, a squad of someones – in their corner. Enter Tot Squad, which connects parents with trusted providers that align with their budgets and schedules. From lactation consultants to car seat installers, these experts can offer support to parents who want the best care for their growing families but don’t want to spend what little time they have scouring the internet for recommendations.

“I want to normalize parents asking for support and help. They shouldn’t have to spend their precious waking moments finding a provider," said Jennifer Saxton, Tot Squad's founder.

Jennifer Saxton, Tot Squad's founder

After having her first child, Saxton realized how challenging it was to find trusted, vetted providers of pre- and post-natal services, such as sleep training support. A graduate of the Kellogg School of Management and successful business owner already, she was uniquely positioned to help address these issues.

Since launching in Spring 2020, Tot Squad has been democratizing access to coaching services and making countless parents feel supported. Walmart and Tot Squad recently announced a collaboration, so as of last month, parents can add Tot Squad services to their Walmart carts and baby registries.

Tot Squad has services available on Walmart.com in a variety of categories. Some of their top experts include the following:

  • Sleep Consultants — Experts help solve common sleep challenges so that baby and parents get a good night's sleep.
  • Breastfeeding Coaches and Lactation Support — For many families, breastfeeding can be the hardest part of bringing a new baby home. Lactation consultants can offer support and guidance.
  • Diet and Nutrition Experts — Pros offer diet support for pregnant and breastfeeding moms or feeding support for babies, such as how to introduce a bottle, formula, or solids; or dealing with picky eating or food allergies.
  • Car Seat Technicians — With many car seats installed incorrectly, and car accidents as a leading cause of death for children, proper car seat installation is crucial.

So, not only can you gift someone a car seat, but you can also gift them a professional car seat installation. A new mom can register for a breast pump and education around how to use it. What peace of mind for parents to know they aren’t in this alone.