Oh, Baby! Walmart Doubles Down on the Business of Parenthood To Help Busy Parents Balance It All

Sep. 1, 2021

3 Min. Read
Baby looking up

Modern parenting is evolving quickly, but the love, excitement and stress new parents experience will never change. As a mom of three kids and a proud aunt to a dozen more, I know that. I’ve lived that. And I know firsthand, especially now, that parents could use some extra help and support as they navigate this joyful and challenging journey. It’s why our team at Walmart is focused on supporting moms and dads, every step of the way.

The next generation of parents continues to navigate life and parenthood through a pandemic, and they more than anyone understand the delicate balance of doing it all. We know these moms and dads are very focused on connectedness with their baby, with themselves and with the products they buy. To meet the specific wants and needs of millennial and Gen Z parents, Walmart has expanded its baby assortment, introducing 600 new baby products and brands in the last 12 months alone. From the latest smart tech and more organic products to neutral and eclectic nursery décor and clothing, some of the biggest trends we’re bringing to Walmart include:

It's no surprise that on average, it can cost new parents nearly $20,000 in the first year of their child’s lifeii. We think there’s enough to figure out without having to worry about how they’ll afford it. Walmart is committed to offering our everyday low prices on all our baby assortment across the store. And to give our families a little extra support, we’re rolling back prices on more than 25 popular items throughout the month of September and offering online promos on over 700 products.

Just as important as affordability, we know this generation of parents prefers a simple, convenient shopping experience. For many, that means shopping online. We’ve seen baby e-commerce explode in the last year, with online sales now accounting for more than 50% of the total baby market. Walmart offers a fast and easy shopping experience with many convenient pickup and delivery options – including free two-day delivery and same-day curbside pickupiii. And, best yet, parents can shop Walmart.com any time of day (hello internet browsing during the 3 a.m. feeding!).

Walmart supports parents through all stages of parenthood. Whether you need an emergency pack of diapers delivered through Walmart+ or help picking out a car seat, we’re here for you. You’ve got this.

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