Walmart is Helping Pets Live Better, Too

May 3, 2021

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Lady Sitting on Ground with Dog

May 3, 2021
By Melody Richard, Vice President, Pets, Walmart U.S.

As the proud pet parent of one Black Russian Terrier and three adopted cats, I know the immense joy and positive impact pets can have on your family. They not only make us happier in normal times but in stressful times – like the pandemic – their unconditional love and companionship go even further. This National Pet Month, Walmart is excited to celebrate all the pets we’ve welcomed into our homes – new and old – and all my fellow pet parents who understand pets aren’t just pets. They’re family.

One silver lining to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a surge in pet adoptions and fostering, with more than 11 million U.S. households getting a new pet. We added Braht (short for Brahtyanovich) to our family just before the pandemic hit in February 2020, and he’s truly brought so much magic to our lives. It’s fun to see him play with our three cats – Axle, Blue and Kit Kat. They don’t pick on their little brother too much, and while our house is rarely quiet for long, I wouldn’t have it any other way. All four of them help fuel the passion I bring to Walmart as we continue our mission to be the most trusted companion for pet parents.

With a family that includes four members with four legs, I know the importance of giving your pets the very best. And Walmart does, too. As a top destination for pet supplies and services, we offer quality, convenient and affordable options, both online and in-store. Whether you’re picking up a new chew toy, filling a prescription, having dog food delivered or arranging a quick walk through our Rover service, Walmart has your back.

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We’re constantly evolving to meet customer needs and support new trends, and one that continues to grow is the humanization of pets. We’re treating our pets like we would any other member of our family, and that means giving them high-quality, premium products that help promote health and wellness. A big part of pet health and wellness is tailored nutrition, and that’s why, this month, Walmart is excited to launch a new, vet-formulated dog and cat food line from our exclusive, private-label Pure Balance brand called PRO+. Launching at a price point that is lower than similar premium pet food items, Pure Balance PRO+ is a great value and makes it easy and affordable to make your pet’s nutrition a top priority.

From targeted nutrition to healthy treats, pet beds containing recycled mattresses to on-trend apparel with tie-dye and more, Walmart is working with trusted brands to add even more options to our expansive pet assortment this National Pet Month. That includes new summer pet gear, exclusive supplements from Milk Bone that can aid with digestion or help your pup stay calm and a new variety of pet beds from our exclusive Vibrant Life product line.

We’ve seen strong growth across durables, specifically with beds and crates as customers welcome new kittens and pups to the family. And we’ve seen a great response to our expanded offering of pet services which we expect to continue as more people return to the office. Since launching last November, customers have really loved the convenience and affordability of Walmart Pet Care. You can find personalized pet insurance through Walmart Pet Insurance, book a pet sitter with Rover or easily fill your pooch’s prescription with Walmart PetRx.

Walmart wants to make pet ownership – and all the joy that comes with it – as affordable and accessible as possible. My team is filled with fellow pet parents and we take great pride in making it easy to find the pet products and services you need because, just like you, we want more time to spend on belly rubs, park visits and cuddles on the couch. Let’s celebrate our furry family members this National Pet Month and help them live their best lives – they certainly help us live ours!