Walmart Marketplace Announces New-Seller Savings: New Sellers to Enjoy Commission-Free Sales for 30 Days

Feb. 24, 2021

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Feb. 24, 2021
By Jeff Clementz, Senior Vice President, Walmart Marketplace

Last week, Walmart reported record revenue after growing eCommerce sales 79% in the past year, and a big part of this success is due to a growing Marketplace business. Sellers are responding to our commitment to being the most trusted, transparent and fair marketplace, and we decided it was a great time to invite more sellers to come join us.

Starting today, we are excited to announce “New-Seller Savings,” a special, limited time offer that gives more sellers the power to unleash their potential with Walmart Marketplace. Sellers who join the platform by March 31, 2021, and go live by May 1, 2021, will enjoy 30 days of commission-free sales.

Walmart Marketplace is an increasingly fast, easy way for sellers to get their products online, grow their businesses and reach even more customers. Sellers who join will also enjoy access to the added benefits of Walmart’s suite of services designed to help them stay competitive, like Walmart Fulfillment Services and access to lines of credit with Goldman Sachs, to name a few.

In celebration of our New-Seller Savings limited time offer, we’re hosting a special webinar on March 18, 2021, to learn all about applying, onboarding and selling on Walmart Marketplace. We hope you’ll join us!

Are you ready to tap into one of the fastest-growing marketplaces?

Learn more about the Walmart Marketplace offer by visiting our New-Seller Savings page.