Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Jan. 18, 2021

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Adult and Child Arm Bumping with Masks On

Jan. 18, 2021
By Ben Hasan, SVP and Chief Global Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

As we recognize the enduring legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who invested his life in making America more equitable for all people, it’s clear we have more work to do. His message of non-violent civic engagement remains highly relevant today as we experience challenging and turbulent times.

I think our President & CEO Doug McMillon said it best in his recent note, he sees better days ahead because he knows what Walmart associates are made of, and I agree. As I assess our current state of affairs I’m reminded of Dr. King’s words that he “looked to a day when people will be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin,”, and I realize the only way forward is for all human beings to step up and show the best of the human spirit. Because of our values of Service and Respect, I believe this is a place where Walmart associates can lead the way.

Dr. King also said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” This sentiment is rooted in uplifting and creating a better world, which fully aligns to our company values. Service takes many forms including volunteering time, providing resources, or simply sharing a kind word with neighbors or customers.

For those looking for another way to give and serve, Walmart is announcing the MLK Day of Giving. Today, for one day only, associates can donate through Walmart.com/DayofGiving, and Walmart will match 3-to-1, up to a campaign limit of $2 million and subject to an individual limit of $10,000 for each associate. Through the Walmart.com/DayofGiving portal, donations are made to the Walmart Spark Fund for Charities at Charities Aid Foundation of America, a donor-advised fund. Donors recommend that their funds be given to a cause they are passionate about. A similar matching program is available to individuals outside of Walmart, and we will match 2-to-1, up to $2 million and subject to an individual limit of $5,000. Between the two there’s potential for Walmart to contribute up to $4 million today to honor the life and legacy of Dr. King.

Please visit the MLK Day of Giving portal here to learn more.

If you have not done so already, I also encourage you to visit our Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion page to learn more about our commitment to creating a workplace where everyone feels included. You will also find information about our Shared Value Networks and Center for Racial Equity efforts. Learn more here.