Around the World, Cool Toys Are Topping Lists

Dec. 17, 2020

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The holiday season is here, and families around the world are gearing up for celebration. And though those celebrations all have their own character, we’ve found ourselves asking a central question: What’re kids hoping to find under the tree this year? Or in their shoe? Or delivered on Three Kings Day?

To get to the bottom of it, we knew we’d have to think outside the norm. For inspiration, we turned to someone known for his knowledge, and decided to take Santa’s perspective.

We don’t have a big red sleigh or magic reindeer, and we don’t receive millions of letters to our workshops in the North Pole each year. But all of those things are, in spirit, what allow Santa to be the world’s greatest gift giver. And so we do share something in common after all: access to high-quality data about the season’s biggest trends in gifting.

Tech Trends Are Topping the List

Tech toys are trending toward the top of lists around the world this season. But each market brings variety.

In Africa, the I-Play Multilingual Laptop is on trend. It hosts 40 fun, educational games and operates in four languages, so kids can learn something new and have fun all at once. In the UK, the Nintendo Switch is the top tech toy.

Around the World, Nostalgia Is ‘In’ Again

Though we’re assured Santa himself has an innate immunity to COVID-19, there are families around the world staying in a bit more than usual this year. To that end, cool, often nostalgic gifts are making it more fun to spend time inside with the whole family.

In India, a classic has made a return. Demand for the card game UNO has more than doubled, as families are finding competitive fun in skips, reverses and even the dreaded draw four.

In Canada, it’s all about family fun. Puzzle sales are up significantly, and families are looking forward to enjoying the winter weather with toboggans. Across Central America, another time-honored toy, with a modern twist, is popular in a big way – 6 foot tall teddy bears and other oversized stuffed animals will find themselves under trees this season.

And in the U.S., the world’s greatest simple machine is topping lists: Bicycles are back. Kids around the country are looking for ways to have fun and stay active with their whole family, and Walmart’s suite of bikes – from BMX and mountain bikes to classic cruisers – can help you do just that.

Meanwhile in Mexico and the U.S., playing pretend is in vogue. Thanks to the the Barbie Mega Dream House, staying inside has become, well, a dream. The three-story open concept has it all. From a secluded breakfast nook to an exterior waterslide, it’s staying home in style. And if you need something to spruce up the exterior, why not park a Hot Wheel in the driveway? The toy cars are again at the top of lists, as they’re great for imagination anywhere, or can be paired with tracks for endless hours of indoor fun.

Building a Foundation

Around the world, another top trend has developed: Everyone wants to build something.

Kids in Canada are going to be learning how to build with Mario, as the LEGO Adventures Mario Starter Course gives them the chance to bring an arcade favorite into the analog world. And in China, the trend toward craftmanship continues, with the MagFun Team Building Set, which lets kids explore creating all types of items out of magnetic blocks that click together with ease. In Africa, kids are asking for the Lego Classic Builders Box – another classic toy that can turn into anything you can imagine.

Like Santa, we’re always looking for new ways to create customized approaches that’ll let us get the best gifts to kids around the world. So, whether you’re writing to the North Pole, or just visiting Walmart.com, we’re here to deliver magic and memories this holiday.