We’re Using Our Stores to Help Online Orders Arrive Faster

Nov. 24, 2020

1 Min. Read

Nov. 24, 2020
By Tom Ward, Senior Vice President, Customer Product, Walmart

This holiday season is one like we’ve never seen before. Customers are shopping more and more online, and you keep hearing of the potential shipping woes that come with that. The good news is that Walmart is continuing to find ways to help customers get what they want under their trees in time for the holiday.

We’ve created a program that routes some Walmart.com orders to be fulfilled straight from our stores. We’ll use our existing local delivery capabilities to get orders to customers faster, while reducing the load on our online fulfilment centers.

While our customers won’t see a change in the app or a new service they need to select, they will notice that they aren’t finding themselves checking for shipping updates or sweating arrival times of gifts. They simply notice their orders are arriving super-fast, even the same day, and maybe in a Walmart bag from a store rather than a Walmart box from Walmart.com.

Today, we operate delivery from more than 2,800 stores and cover nearly two-thirds of the country with delivery, and we have the right processes in place to bring this to life. The advantages are clear: Customers are happy with fast service, and we’re utilizing our full set of assets, which is good for our business. Plus, the program is eco-friendly, as there aren’t as many boxes going out or long-distance miles being driven.

Services like these that we’ve been building over time allow Walmart to serve customers in ways no other retailer can. We’re able to show up when they need us the most, and that makes us all proud.