6 Things to Know About Walmart’s FY21 Mid-Year Culture, Diversity & Inclusion Report

Sep. 9, 2020

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Associates Team

Sept. 9, 2020
By Ben Hasan, Senior Vice President and Chief Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Officer

I’m proud to share Walmart’s Culture, Diversity and Inclusion mid-year report. As a company, we’re on a journey to become a more inclusive and transparent organization. So, here are six things to know about our FY21 mid-year report:

  1. This is Walmart’s first-ever mid-year report. Moving from an annual report, we’re now providing updates twice a year. We want to be open and transparent about the progress we’re making toward building a Walmart for everyone.
  2. We’ve provided expanded data. We’ve added first-time disclosures to this mid-year report to show representation by race/ethnicity at all levels in the U.S., and representation of women at all levels in both the U.S. and internationally. The report contains more than 90 data points which are first-time disclosures.
  3. We’re making progress in increasing the diversity of our workforce. We have positive trends across multiple areas from FY19 through FY21 YTD, including: +7.42% in management-to-management promotions for people of color (44.68% FY21 YTD); +2.97% in officers of color (24.89% FY21 YTD); and +2.2% in U.S. people of color new hires (55.03% FY21 YTD).
  4. We introduce our newly formed Shared Value Networks. We’re using Walmart’s size, scale and influence to help make meaningful change in the societal systems of criminal justice, education, financial and healthcare.
  5. We’re sharing the enhancements we’ve made to our people processes. We want to make sure growth and career advancement are truly available to women and people of color at Walmart. We’re taking steps toward that with diverse interview and candidate slates and posting all open positions at or below the vice president level internally.
  6. We highlight new racial equity training and education tools. All U.S.-based officers are participating in a two-day Racial Equity Institute workshop this year. We’ve also introduced a self-paced race & inclusion curriculum that all U.S. associates can access to grow their understanding on cultural competence, inclusive leadership and how to become an ally.