Walmart Makes Pickup “Famous” with First-Ever Big Game Commercial

Jan. 29, 2020

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Big Game Commercial 2020

Jan. 29, 2020
By Janey Whiteside, EVP and Walmart Chief Customer Officer

What better way to show off the out-of-this-world convenience of Walmart’s Pickup service than the biggest television event of the year! For the first time ever, Walmart will be airing an ad during the Big Game with the help of some familiar visitors.

Famous Visitors brings 12 “visitors” from popular TV shows and movies – and their creative transportation methods – together for the first time ever as they touch down on Earth to conveniently pick up everything they need curbside at Walmart.

From Flash Gordon and Buzz Lightyear making their way to Earth to Bill S. Preston, Esq. of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure arriving to a Walmart parking lot via his iconic telephone booth, these famous visitors all travel long ways – even across the galaxy – to experience the out-of-this-world convenience of Pickup.

We pulled out all of the stops for our first Big Game commercial, bringing in many more characters and vessels from other beloved intergalactic entertainment properties, including Arrival, Blade Runner, Guardians of the Galaxy, The LEGO Movie, Mars Attacks, Marvin the Martian, Men in Black, Star Trek and my favorite, Star Wars. Check out our otherworldly commercial here:

Our Famous Visitors campaign, which plays off of a campaign we launched last year – Famous Cars, is so much more than just the 60-second commercial that will air during the Big Game. Before the game, our visitors will tease their impending arrival across a variety of media. Listen closely for their transmissions on terrestrial radio stations across the country. They’ll also take over the TV walls in our stores and our social media channels to encourage customers to use Pickup to stock up for the game. And today, we’re also dropping an extended two-minute version of our Famous Visitors commercial on YouTube.

During the game, after our commercial airs, we’ll broadcast a special message to our visitors. Don’t miss it! And, Big Game viewers should follow our @Walmart Twitter handle during the game to see what happens as we engage with some of our visitors. After the game, we’ll continue marketing efforts with new, additional content.

We’re excited to show tens of millions of viewers who tune into the Big Game how our Pickup service can reinvent their shopping experience and add much-needed time back into their day. It’s truly out-of-this-world convenient.