Modern Home Office Building Materials to Reflect the Natural Beauty of Arkansas

Dec. 9, 2019

1 Min. Read
Structurlam mass timber interior vertical look

By Dan Bartlett, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs

The New Home Office will be built with a thoroughly modern and innovative material… wood.

When thinking of modern construction materials, wood might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But mass timber is different. Designed with precision specifications and engineered to strict performance standards, mass timber products provide a modern approach to traditional designs.

As I’ve mentioned previously, we want our new campus to be modern and sustainable while embracing the natural beauty of our home state. These priorities have a lot to do with our choice to use mass timber, and specifically Structurlam, a leading North American mass timber manufacturer, for this project:

Efficiency – Structurlam has the ability to prefabricate the complete structural building system – meaning the materials aren’t measured or cut on-site. Precision design, coordination, planning and delivery schedules enable the onsite team to save both time and money.

Sustainability – According to Structurlam, its mass timber products are environmentally-friendly. Structurlam sources all of its softwood lumber from sawmills that buy sawlogs from sustainably managed forests, and this practice will continue for its new Arkansas facility. By mimicking natural patterns of disturbance and regeneration, sustainable forestry strikes a balance between a demand for the forest’s natural resources and the preservation of the forest’s natural assets for future generations.

Investment in Arkansas – Structurlam will expand its operations into Arkansas, with a plant in Conway that will create over 100 new jobs. Structurlam’s Conway facility will source wood exclusively from the sustainably managed forests in the Natural State for the new Home Office. This also reduces the transportation required to move the raw materials from the forest, to the plant and on to the construction site.

The use of regionally-sourced mass timber reflects one of the design goals of our new Home Office, which is to connect associates with nature and the beauty of Arkansas. With more than 1.7 million cubic feet of mass timber material incorporated into the new Walmart Home Office campus, it will be the largest mass timber campus project in the U.S. To get a sense of some of Structurlam’s previous work, please explore @Structurlam on Instagram.