Meet Peggy, a Diabetes Counselor Helping People Live Their Best Lives

Nov. 27, 2019

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Peggy Kraus, a diabetes counselor, demonstrates ReliOn products

Nov. 27, 2019
By Elizabeth Walker, Walmart Corporate Affairs

Peggy Kraus is on a mission. As a Long Island-based counselor for people with diabetes, she has made it her goal to help her patients manage – and even erase – their disease through lifestyle modification. Peggy had already built a career in cardiac rehab when she took on an additional role five years ago as a diabetes counselor.

Peggy says it’s about more than just reminding patients to limit sweets. She also helps them navigate the complex world of finding and using affordable testing supplies. For years, she has used exclusively ReliOn products with her patients because of the accessible price point and commitment to quality. She even sends new patients a ReliOn glucometer and supplies from Walmart.com to help them get started. “It’s just one less barrier to care,” she said.

Hand holding ReliOn device

A few months ago, ReliOn unveiled its new tool, the ReliOn Life Patient Mobile App. For many of Peggy’s patients, the app has been a game changer. Rather than having to log every meal or snack with a pen and paper, users can record food intake to help determine patterns and understand ways to adjust their diabetes management. If they choose, Peggy’s patients can have the data sent to her, where it will appear on an online dashboard that Peggy and her patients can access any time.

The app also means that Peggy can care for patients remotely, so office visits are not always necessary. This extends Peggy’s reach as a counselor, and makes accessing care easier for clients.

Peggy Kraus, a diabetes counselor, talks with a patient

Having all this data available can help people with diabetes and their health care providers make informed decisions regarding treatment. As Diabetes Awareness Month comes to a close, here are three of the tips for holiday wellness Peggy gives her clients:

  1. The holidays are a hard time to lose weight. Focus instead on maintaining your weight.
  2. Eat before you go to an event, and when you get there, fill your plate with something healthy.
  3. Make time for yourself. It can be easy to become so busy that you forget to exercise and rest.

With sound advice like the above, the right tools from ReliOn and a knowledgeable supporter like Peggy, people with diabetes are learning it is possible to manage their health and still have a very merry holiday season.