When One Factory Closed, She Found a New Job in Manufacturing at 3M

Oct. 17, 2019

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3M Employee, Linda White sitting in chair

Oct. 17, 2019
By Matt Smith, Walmart Corporate Affairs

Linda White worked at an automotive parts plant in Clinton, Tennessee, for 12 years. She planned to work there until retirement, but in May 2017, leaders in her plant announced plans to close the Clinton location.

Thankfully, Linda had a year to look for a new place to work. Recognizing that many in her situation don’t have the luxury of time, she used it wisely.

Linda knew lots of delivery drivers from working in shipping and receiving, so she asked her network for advice. Many of them suggested she apply at 3M. One driver said the employees at the 3M plant always seemed happy and had smiles on their faces.

While she was aware that 3M makes Scotch Tape and Post-it Notes, Linda admits that she didn’t exactly know much beyond that. But once she discovered the company manufactures thousands of things, from ACE bandages to Command mounting and hanging products, she became excited about the possibility of working in such a stable environment.

“I thought ‘That’s it,’ and I didn’t look for anything else,” she recalled.

It was good timing. In 2018, the Clinton 3M factory announced they would be producing Filtrete brand filters for Walmart. The added production line of popular in-home furnace filters meant the plant was hiring for an additional 100 jobs. In September 2018, they added Linda to their ranks.

After spending a big portion of her career producing specialized parts for tractor-trailers, seeing products she’s manufactured on display in her local Walmart is an added bonus.

“I go in the store with my husband and say ‘See – Filtrete. That’s us. That’s what we make,’” Linda said.

We’re proud to walk in and see what we made in Walmart.
Linda White, Machine Operator at 3M Clinton

Being at 3M for a year has given Linda a newfound perspective on what it means to see products that are manufactured here at home.

“That’s our livelihood,” Linda exclaimed. “We made it. We stand behind it. We know what the product is, and we are proud that the product is being made here.”