Hopping on a Trend Helped this Buyer Create Easter’s Coolest Egg Hunt

April 18, 2019

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LED Easter Eggs and basket sitting on grass at night

April 18, 2019
By Jane Incao

Having a finger on trends is a big part of Snow Westwood’s job. As buyer for Walmart’s Valentine’s Day and Easter products, she’s on the hunt year-round to find the next big thing that will make springtime special. This year, it’s a creative twist on a classic Easter activity: adding LED lights to plastic eggs and accessories, so that even more fun can be had after dark.

As any parent on top of their Pinterest game knows, next-level Easter egg hunts are taking neighborhoods by storm, from glitter-filled eggs to hunts guided entirely by smartphone.

Walmart seasonal buyer Snow Westwood holds a package of Easter eggs

“Parents are always looking for ways to put a creative spin on the holidays,” Snow said. “We’re all looking to bring the family together, have a little fun and create some memories. This year, we found that nighttime Easter egg hunts have become one of the most popular ways to put a spin on this tradition that everyone loves so much.”

But unfortunately, nighttime hunts also require several hours of prep. Cracking dozens of tiny glow sticks the size of a match, placing them in individual eggs and timing it all just right so they don’t lose their glow by nightfall. It can be a stressful task to add on top of holiday, work and family to-do lists.

It’s important to think about the trends our customers are thinking about – but also the steps they have to take to have the experience they’re looking for. Any ways we can help add some ease to that is a win for the customer, which makes it a win for us.
Snow Westwood, Seasonal Buyer

Snow worked with her team and one of her suppliers to create an entire nighttime hunt experience. Check stores and Walmart.com to find 6-pack LED light-up eggs in your favorite Easter pastels, glittery LED-powered buckets in pink, yellow and blue, and festive LED-lit lawn signs to help guide egg hunters through their route.

It’s a unique process that Snow says she’s proud to deliver to customers – mostly possible because of Walmart’s scale and supplier connections.

“On projects like this, we have a really cool opportunity to be creative, to spot something that no one else is really doing, and bring it to life on our own,” she said.