Polymorph Acquisition Fact Sheet

Over the past few years, Walmart has been quietly building our advertising business – Walmart Media Group – which offers full-funnel, targeted and accountable advertising powered by online and in-store shopper data. Today, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of Polymorph Labs, a Silicon Valley-based advertising startup that will help us deliver on our mission to connect brands with omni-channel shoppers and drive advertising efficiency at scale. Here are the key facts about the deal:

What was announced today?

Walmart has announced it intends to acquire technology and assets from Polymorph Labs for an undisclosed amount.
Polymorph’s technology will be integrated into Walmart Media Group’s proprietary omnichannel ad targeting and measurement platform
Founders Satish Polisetti and Dhawal Mujumdar, along with Polymorph’s team of product developers and engineers will join Walmart Media Group and Walmart Labs in our San Bruno, Sunnyvale and Bangalore offices.
The deal is expected to close later this spring.

Who is Polymorph?

Polymorph is a Silicon Valley ad tech startup founded in 2013. The company has developed a cloud-based, self-serve platform that connects to thousands of automated supply-side ad-buying systems and empowers advertisers to create, manage, and monetize native ad inventory across multiple channels.

Polymorph’s technologies include a high-speed native ad server, a self-serve interface and mechanism for server-side header bidding. The platform will enable the management of real-time auctions across multiple ad-pricing models (cost per click, cost per impression, cost per conversion).

Why are we acquiring Polymorph’s technology?

Polymorph’s technology will make advertising with Walmart easier for thousands of brands while delivering more relevant digital ads to consumers.
The acquisition will enable both existing and new advertisers to control their advertising tactics and spend in real-time and reach their desired audiences more effectively.
Polymorph technology and the team will provide Walmart Media Group with a feature-rich product along with an experienced technology team that will help us build more advanced advertising technology for the future.
Integrating Polymorph’s technology with our existing platform will provide marketers with sophisticated ad targeting and measurement capabilities and enhanced tools for buying and delivering ads.
The acquisition provides us with a platform for continued future innovation, such as creating machine-learning models for pricing and targeting commerce ads.