This Innovative Competition Helps Walmart Chile Hire Top Talent

Jan. 24, 2019

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Innova Challenge winners visit the Jet.com headquarters

January 24, 2019
By Jane Incao

Four Chilean college students kicked off 2019 in a big way: by visiting the Jet.com headquarters in Hoboken, New Jersey. They presented their idea for a new, inclusive feature in the Walmart app.

The presentation was part of the winning prize for this year’s Innova Challenge, a student competition in its fourth version focused on bringing new talent, creativity and ideas to Walmart Chile. Four of the five students from this year’s winning team were able to present.

“The Innova Challenge allows us to precisely identify talent, but also make our selection process a unique experience for candidates,” said Matias Rodriguez, Recruitment Project Manager for Walmart Chile. “Cultural fit is very important to us; it’s not enough to participate and bring new insights, we’re also looking for the ability to communicate and influence within these small groups.”

Students from Chilean universities participate in the Innova Challenge

The challenge invites 300 students from seven Chilean universities to spend the day at Walmart’s headquarters in Santiago, Chile, building professional networks and competing to participate in the final workshop. Fifty finalists are then divided into teams for a chance to present their idea at the Jet.com headquarters in New Jersey, creating a unique opportunity for international connections.

This year’s students were challenged to create a digital product that makes life easy for customers. While the challenge didn’t specify any one problem to solve, digital innovation had to be at the heart of every project. The winners – team Broadway – created an app for visually impaired shoppers who may need assistance to walk comfortably and securely through stores. The app uses a voice assistant and GPS tracking to guide customers through the store and efficiently complete their trips.

Watch the video below to see how the Innova Challenge is bringing top talent and innovative thinking to Walmart Chile: