Five Ways to Trick-or-Treat Yo’self at Walmart This Halloween

Oct. 24, 2018

A group of kids in Halloween costumes leave a house after trick-or-treating

To help you save time and enjoy all the activities leading up to Halloween this year, check out these five ways to make last-minute prep easy.

Make Yourself Boo-tiful With Curated Makeup Looks

The perfect makeup can make any costume complete.

Vhether you vant to be a vampire or have the braaaiiins to be a zombie bride, creating a festive face is simple and doesn’t have to take much time. Watch our cosmetics buying team create a lion, ice queen, skeleton and mermaid with five basic products in under 20 minutes.

For even more looks, visit the Halloween Beauty section on Walmart.com. You’ll find several curated looks with products to match, including DC Comics looks like The Joker and Wonder Woman.

Dress Up for the Party with These Costume Trend

Walmart.com makes finding the right costumes easy for everyone in your family with themed pages. But, sometimes seeing the costumes in the store can give you some much-needed inspiration, so get to your local store to see what costume jumps out at you before it’s too late.

Baby/Toddler – Animal-themed costumes are in this year, so go ahead, make your little one the cat’s pajamas.

Kid – As kids get older, Halloween is perfect for pretending – we’ve got character costumes like Black Panther, The Incredibles, Frozen and Paw Patrol.

Adults – This year, a popular trend is themed parties, so dress the part by stepping back in time to a different decade like the 70s or 80s.

Pets – The cutest (and most disturbing) trend this year is dressing pets up as food, like a taco or a hot dog.

Walking into October like...

Posted by Walmart on Monday, October 1, 2018

No Tricks with These Treats

There’s always one house that has the best candy on the block. Walmart has what you need to be that house. Get to your local store or visit Walmart.com before these popular picks disappear:

Halloween Candy GIF

Make Non-Food Treats Available for Your Trick-or-Treaters

For many children, candy is the most exciting thing about Halloween. But, for kids with food allergies, candy can be scary. Even candy without allergens like peanuts can raise concern if it’s processed in the same factory as products that do.

To help, Walmart is partnering with the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT), and many stores across the country have displays marked with FAACT’s teal ghost that give non-food options for trick-or-treaters.

There are several ways to show your trick-or-treaters that you have alternatives to sweet treats. FAACT recommends painting a pumpkin teal – a symbolic color for food allergy awareness – and placing it outside to let passers-by know that you have non-food treats. Or, hang up a poster to let people know your house is “teal.” Visit FAACT’s website for other suggestions to create a fun environment for all.

A teal pumpkin sits outside a house to symbolize Halloween food allergy awareness

Let Pickup Save Your Party

You’ve picked your prizes, costumes and makeup, but you’ve run out of time. Good news: Walmart has pickup and delivery options for a larger number of customers than ever.

Pickup Today – Up to 80% of our Halloween items, including costumes and décor, are available for pickup the same day. As long as you place your order by noon local time, you can get it the same day.

Grocery Pickup – But why stop with costumes and décor? We’ve doubled the amount of Halloween grocery items that are available for Pickup, meaning you can get your candy and groceries at the same time. We recently opened our 2,000th grocery pickup location this year, so check here to see if your area has this service.

Halloween Pickup GIF