Allstate and App Service Added to Walmart Protection Plans

Sep. 6, 2018

1 Min. Read

By Chet Putnam, Director, Walmart Services

It’s game day. Your buddies are coming over, and you just bought a new flat-screen TV and a laptop to live out your fantasy football dreams. In walks Bob, uninvited. He brings a football and throws you a pass. “Think fast!” he says. But you aren’t thinking fast. You’re deep in thought about which wide receiver to start in your fantasy football league.

The football knocks over a jar of spicy salsa, spilling it all over your new laptop. Just then, lightning strikes outside and your power goes out. The lights come back but the TV is dead – power surge. It’s Mayhem. But, your fantasy football dreams are still alive and your TV and laptop can be fixed, because you said “yes” to the new Walmart Protection Plans powered by Allstate. Simply file the claims on your phone, then open your phone’s browser and stream the game.

A customer shops for a laptop in a Walmart Supercenter

With a protection plan, not only do you get coverage at an incredible value, as of Aug. 1* you can also have peace of mind knowing your Walmart purchases are in good hands with Allstate. The insurance provider is now powering all Walmart protection plans sold in stores and on Walmart.com.

Protection Plans GIF

What’s even better is you can save time and fix the damage right there on your phone with the Walmart app. Protection plans can now be found under the Services tab. From there, you can file and track claims, transfer or cancel plans, see how much time is left on a plan and find out which purchased items are eligible for the program.

The new experience is all about convenience and speed. No more keeping track of every individual paper plan or receipt – it’s all there at your fingertips. If you use Walmart Pay or purchase items from Walmart.com, your protection plan information will automatically load into the Walmart app. And, if you have a paper receipt, you can easily use the app to scan and tie it to your Walmart.com account.

Walmart and Allstate have a combined 143 years of serving people and building trust. So, get a Walmart Protection Plan powered by Allstate and be better protected from Mayhem.

*Plans sold prior to Aug. 1, 2018, will continue to be serviced by Asurion. Both the protection plan website and Walmart app will direct customers where to go if they need to manage a plan or file a claim.