Nailed It! Associates Show Spark with Creative Manicures

May 31, 2018

Associates show off their nail art from Shareholders 2018

As associates from all over the world converged on the University of Arkansas campus for Walmart’s 48th annual shareholders meeting week, many found creative ways to distinguish themselves. South African associates wore exquisite beaded headbands, and Argentines accessorized with their country’s flag.

One tactic many associates used for showing their individuality: nail art. From solid tips in Walmart colors, to artistic takes on the Walmart spark, to Insta-worthy designs featuring sequins and glitter, there was no shortage of creativity on display.

Rita Wright from store 592 in Derby, Kansas, always has her nails done and says her customers notice. For shareholders week, she went with bold azure polish, with the exception of her ring fingers, which sported a glimmery gold.

Associate Rita Wright's nail art from Shareholders 2018

Kari Bickel is a department manager in jewelry, and it shows in her strong accessories game. Since she is often reaching into the jewelry case to help customers at store 5360 in Titusville, Pennsylvania, she wants her nails to be on point. Kari painted the Walmart spark on her thumbs and pinkies.

Associate Kari Bickel's nail art from Shareholders 2018

Different takes on the spark were a big trend in associate nail art, and some associates took store pride to the next level, adding their store numbers to their tips.

Ashia Sanford had one of the week’s most daring nail looks: pink and yellow with all manner of sparkle. From “fishtail” sequins (which resemble scales) to an “S” shape for shareholders, Ashia’s nails reflect her bright and vibrant personality.

Associate Ashia Sanford's nail art from Shareholders 2018

“I have a standing appointment every other week with my nail lady,” Ashia says. “I do a different design each time. My regular customers always make a point of asking, ‘Ashia, what’d you get this time?’ They really seem to enjoy it.”

As an overnight customer service manager at Neighborhood Market 3052 in Vancouver, Washington, Ashia does a lot of stocking and work near the checkout area. When she returns home, she will probably shorten her nails so she can use her hands at work more easily.

But for shareholders week, she wanted to go all out. “This week is really special,” she says. “And I wanted my nails to reflect that.”

An associate cheers during the Walmart U.S. Associate Meeting at Shareholders 2018