Introducing the Fastest Way to Access our Credit Card

June 7, 2017

Walmart Pay Signage in store near the register

According to a third party study published by Infoscout and PYMNTS.com, Walmart Pay ranked the third most frequently used mobile wallet only eight months after we finished rolling it out to all of our more than 4,600 stores. That same source found that a majority of those who have tried Walmart Pay find it easier to use, faster at checkout and more convenient overall than swiping a card.

A customer has the Walmart Pay app open at the register

So it’s no secret that Walmart Pay has transformed the shopping experience, but what you may not know is that we’re just getting started. Walmart’s always looking for ways to help our customers move faster and save precious time – and even though we’re just one year in, Walmart Pay plays a big part in that. That’s why the team’s added a new enhancement to Walmart Pay that gives customers nearly instant access to their new Walmart Credit Cards.

With this functionality, from the moment they are approved, customers can use their new Walmart Credit Card at all Walmart store locations and on Walmart.com before their physical card even arrives in the mail. The ability to immediately shop with seamless, secure access – whenever, however and wherever a customer wants – is now a reality. It’s yet another way we’re meeting customers where they are – on their mobile devices – and helping to make their lives easier and more convenient.
We’re always looking to the future and how we can better serve our customers. By bringing together all of the conveniences of Walmart – great stores, convenient pickup, easy checkout and a top-notch app – we know that we’re delivering one seamless shopping experience for customers in a way no other retailer can.